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Stunning villa in Ibiza – gorgeous interior and beautiful view

Stunning villa in Ibiza - 23

Villa Casa Atlantis is an amazing beauty as if grown into the rocky sea coast of the southeastern part of the Ibiza island, where the beautiful untouched nature smoothly pores into the azure sea. Natural stone finishes, facade and roof make this place very harmonious continuation of the local scenery. » Read more

Luxury apartment in London – it’s just awesome!!!

Luxury apartments in London - 14

This elegant facade is the facade of the luxury apartments complex in one of the exclusively rich and expensive districts of London, ерру Mayfair district. It hides interiors with elements of classic and with a spirit of the last century. It’s also a really modern apartment complex with spacious interiors and a lot of objects of contemporary art. The apartments are really gorgeous, you just have a look!
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The works of Swedish photographer Anders Bergstedt – scandinavian style!

The works of Swedish photographer Anders Bergstedt - 14

Photographer Anders Bergstedt repeatedly falls into the picture when when talking about the Scandinavian interior design. The fact is that Anders Bergstedt is hired by all sorts of Swedish real estate agencies and design magazines. Clients appreciate his works for the creative approach and attention to detail. His portfolio is a great collection of Scandinavian style interior designs in all its beauty!
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Gorgeous blue interior of the coastal house on Mediterranean Sea in Greece

Blue interior of the blue Mediterranean Sea - 7

The blue sea and gorgeous look of the Mediterranean coast have always inspired to create light and bright interiors. This house in Greece is a true synonym of the sea, the same blue and inviting. Along the Mediterranean coast, you can meet a lot of blue and white houses with charming shutters and interior decoration, most likely each of them is unique. Yes, white and blue theme, wood and ceramics, you will see it everywhere, but each owner adds his or her own mood to every house.
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Excellent kitchen in dark tones – perfect stylish classics

Excellent cuisine in dark tones

Surprisingly, the dark facades and deep color of the walls in this wonderful kitchen in one of their London’s townhouse is not annoying and not “pushy”. On the contrary, there reigns calm and poise. There’s a great arched window framed with white in the center of this kitchen looking outside on a garden – nice view, green garden colors add live to this interior. » Read more

A fresh look at the interior of a traditional country house in the US

A fresh look at the interior of a traditional country house in the US - 9

The project of this house in Massachusetts has been both challenging and interesting. A family of five people wanted their new home look more open, modern, and comfortable for living. This eclectic and colorful interior is very near to a family comfort. Designers have decided to use the items in rustic style and a variety of expensive materials such as bronze, oak and marble. In general this interior received an overall style of elegance and refined look.
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Beautiful Scandinavian loft (114 sq. M)

Beautiful Scandinavian loft (114 sq. M) - 16

Today we have another beautiful bright attic or let’s say loft from Scandinavian designers. The interior seems to be very bright. A white base is diluted with warm interior textiles and natural materials, except those plants outside the house on the roof. All of that makes the interior very comfortable for the modern living in addition to a refined modern design. Perfect interior!
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The magnificent interior by Marcel Volterinsk – european aristocratic living room

The magnificent interior by Marcel Volterinsk - 9

Marcel Volterinck – one of the most famous contemporary Dutch designers, he is constantly involved (and wins) in contests and various designer competitions, TV programs, gives interviews to many European and world famous interior magazines. No wonder that his projects are spread almost all over the globe. Today we’ve got a great work from his portfolio – a wonderful gorgeous interior of a private home in Denmark.
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Renovated Hotel du Ministere in Paris

Renovated Hotel du Ministry in Paris

Hotel du Ministere – fairly well-known hotel in Paris with its own interesting story. It was built in the 30s of the last century. But a few years ago, hotelier bought the adjacent building and started a big reconstruction with the assistance of a talented French architect Francois Champseur. The renovated and enlarged building is now filled with light and bright design with retro elements. Have a Look and enjoy this beautiful modern design!
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