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Stylish Loft in Barcelona – enjoy grey tones with modern wooden accents.

Stylish Loft in Barcelona - 14

Barcelona is considered one of the most advanced modern cities, interior design is part of that modern culture of this city.┬áJust look at this lovely modern apartment from Drom Living studio, which is located in the Spanish capital. Made popular by all the canons of style loft, but we must pay tribute to the designers, the interior turned unconventional and very stylish. Brick wall, wooden beams, black kitchen fronts – a great job!
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Snow White fairy tale in Greece – beautiful white interior

Snow White fairy tale in Greece - 17

Hotel named Racconto in a pretty coastal town of Parga, which is situated north-west of Greece, is translated as “fairy tale”. The creation of the fabulous resting place became the basis for the concept of the hotel interior is decorated almost entirely in white. There are only 11 rooms, but this is the main advantage of the hotel – the maximum privacy and relaxation for those who appreciate beautiful design!
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Interiors studio Austrian Bernd Gruber

Interiors studio Austrian Bernd Gruber - 20

The history of Bernd Gruber design studio began in 1993, when its owner inherited the family business – a carpentry shop. It was not enough for the young entrepreneur to produce custom wooden furniture, he wanted to control the entire process of creating the interior. Driven by the desire to create, Bernd soon established a full-fledged interior design studio, which now sells residential and commercial projects from scratch all over Austria. Modern alpine and urban interiors – this is what enriches the portfolio of Bernd Gruber studio!
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