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Gorgeous kitchen with black brick wall

Gorgeous kitchen with black brick wall1

Dark kitchen facades, brick wall and French parquet – this kitchen in a London townhouse is good, which side do not look. The combination of strict lines and rough brick gives a very trendy and stylish result. No kitchen, but a dream!

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Modern remodeling of an old Manhattan Kitchen

Modern remodeling of an old Manhattan Kitchen

After skillful reconstruction and remodeling of this kitchen in one of the townhouses of Manhattan it seemed like  it really increased in size and became more comfortable and much lighter (the photo of this kitchen “before remodeling” is at the end of the post). The owner of this house and the head of the family is a man, and he loves cooking, so the design was chosen for the male darker shade of gray. The island is now the main and unifying element in the kitchen, where the family gets together, eats together cooks together, or just talks together. Excellent modern kitchen with traditional charm!

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Freestanding Stone Tub – the Aristocratic piece in your bathroom!

Freestanding Stone Tub - the Aristocratic piece in your bathroom

Large space, beautiful shape and foam bath pleasure in stone tub of a Roman patricians and the French kings… Stone bathtub returns from ancient times, but now it has become refined, perfect shapes and modern quality – an aristocratic piece in your home.
AQUATICA brand, which decorates the best homes and hotels in the US and Europe for more than 12 years . Each model is designed by world-famous designers and is made by hand from the best materials by a unique patented formula.

These standalone tubs are made of artificial stone – which is a feature of the invention, a new chapter in the book of technologies of the XXI century.
This artificial stone material is endowed with unique qualities – does not absorb odors, leaves no residue when cleaning, fire and heat-resistant, has solid and heavy-duty structure, hygienic and can be used in contact with food. It is also eco-friendly (well recyclable).

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Tree shaped clothing hangers – 55 best ideas for your hallway and children room

tree shaped clothing hanger

The interest to eco style becomes more and more popular nowadays. Many people buy wooden furniture, herbal fiber wallpaper or natural fabric. Amateurs create decirations from natural materials taken from the street or own garden. And designers are inspired by natural motifs and coming up with original interior elements that affect our imagination in decoration stores.

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Decorative buckets and pails in the interior or as a decoration in the backyard


Here’s a very interesting and by the way not so rare idea. We would like you to pay attention to how to use a metal buckets and pails for decoration and storage. The buckets which are used for this can be very small or medium-sized. Material – steel (galvanized, galvanized, enameled or varnished) or tin. Now they acquire not only gardeners or owners of household plots, but also people who are not indifferent to the original ideas for the interior. » Read more

Hanging decorative wall shelves on rope DIY tutorial


Are you familiar the situation when you look for some stylish untypical things for the interior, and you find out that either it is absolutely impossible to buy such in your town, or the price does not fit into the budget (in other words – too high)… I think that sometimes each and every one appears in such situation. Is there a way out? Well, we will not argue that absolutely any decor can be created using DIY method, but for some decorative options this method is quite real. » Read more

Choosing a bedside table – 40 examples of good combinations of different headboards and bedside tables


Soft fabric or leather headboard is an elegant solution that fits perfectly into most of interior styles of bedrooms. It looks like a beautiful accent and adds a pleasant sensation. Usually beds already have headboards and are sold with them. But if not, you can create headboard by yourself or order it from a furniture store, or also order the custom headboard item by a furniture company (that is usually much more expensive than other options).  » Read more

Magic tree house in the middle of a fir forest and few ideas for cool tree houses!


No doubt this is an unbelievable picture of an awesome tree house and I myself can’t believe that this small tree house was built exactly on firs. It seems like somebody decided to fulfill his or her childhood dream to have something like a shelter, children’s cool tree houses or a magic tree house on a fir in a deep-deep forest.

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