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Europeans remodeled their apartments in Singapore. Watch what happened

Europeans Apartments in Singapore - 4

Kate and Ian and their two children moved to Singapore for work 10 years ago, but only recently acquired their own large apartment in one of the high-rises near the downtown. As the head of the family didn’t have specific requirements for the interior decoration of their new home (for Ian the main thing that was a sofa and a TV :), wife took over interior design questions . More specifically hired excellent local studio E & A Interiors, which is embodied in the life of her long-standing dream of a colorful and cheerful home. Very positive space!
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Spacious, modern interior in New York City

Spacious, modern interior in New York City - 10

This spacious loft in the prestigious Tribeca impressed with the first pictures! The decoration uses natural rough materials such as brick, wood floors and plenty of natural light from the large windows. The situation is just as straightforward as the building itself with muted colors and concise structures. For example, an ecru color sofas are practical and designed for comfort. Carpet and paintings on the wall add a little saturated colors while maintaining the overall calm mood. Upstairs there is a spacious terrace with views of Manhattan!
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Bringing order into kids room. How to put all the toys in order.


In this article we would like to give you some ideas of how to bring a little bit of order into the very heart of the children’s room – the play zone. Here you will be able to notice some very important rules and principles of storage children toys in kids room, while for every child it is absolutely important to have all the toys, even the very old ones, have them somewhere near, in other words, children should fill that all of their toys are close and are easily reachable, children should be confident in the fact, that if they will need any of their toys, they know where this toy is and they are able to get it without the help of the adult.

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