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Beautiful house with stained glass windows in Australia

Beautiful house with stained glass windows in Australia8

The color scheme of the interior of the house in Australia masterful combination of colors reminiscent of the impressionists. Against the background of bright walls, ceiling and floor bright furniture, paintings and decorative items look fantastic. The color palette chosen so thin, that you seem to dissolve in this space, each enjoying “smear” flare, every detail. Special mention is deserved stained glass that make this home a truly magical, like those windows we have already seen in the illustrations to fairy tales. If we talk about specifics, the furniture design is clearly inspired by the examples of the 60-70-ies of the last century, and the overall style gleaned from kotemporari styles and Scandinavian style. However, it is still only sources of inspiration, the entire interior as a whole is incredibly original both in color and texture, as well as on the general atmosphere of spiritual harmony and vitality.

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