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Large French house in the United States by Alice Lane interior design studio

Alice Lane interior design studio - large french house in the US

Designers from Alice Lane interior design studio with more warmly about the project a huge French mansion in Utah, even among themselves to call it their baby. The team worked on the project from scratch and spent for it’s implementation a few years, so it is not surprising such emotional attachment to this house. This is a wonderful usa interior.
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A small modern apartment in Israel from Mayan interior design studio

A small modern apartment in Israel (67 sq. M) - 13

This small modern apartment of 1200 square feet, is located in Tel Aviv, and the interior was designed by the interior design studio Mayan Studio. Israeli designers have shown that even when working with a small space thing is the beauty and sense of style. The interior of the merged harmony of minimalist design and urban practicality. Following the redevelopment apartment is much more spacious and bright.
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The refined design from Wesley Moon interior design studio – european touch

The refined design of the Wesley Moon

For Wesley Moon interior design studio the perfect design is when a designer work is almost not visible at first sight, but the interior is at once attracts and pleases the eye. Individuality and skillfully selected items – that according to the designer makes admire the interior of his mansions and specialists. Wesley Moon interior design studio is fully involved in the process: they can directly monitor the repair works at the site, and after a couple of days choose a unique antique decorations for the project at a flea market in Paris – all to ensure that the customers get the best results.
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Brick, Stone, Wood – amazing modern interior from Poland, Warsaw.

The apartment is finished with brick in Warsaw (55 sq. M) - 18

From the first glance this small apartment seems to be dark. Of course, because wooden interior with combination of brick and dark grey stone make it really dark. But in the other hand it seems to be a very stylish and modern interior. This modern two-bedroom apartment with less than 600 square feet looks attractive. It is situated in a new residential complex in a quiet area of Warsaw. This modern interior was designed by a european interior design studio company Levantin Design.
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Solitary residence in the mountains by interior design studio CLB

Solitary residence in the mountains

Couple with two young children for a long time dreamed of a spacious and comfortable suburban house for their growing family. Their new home, located at the foot of the mountain, and designed by the interior design studio Carney Logan Burke, combines a simple and concise form of modern architecture and interior and comfort of a mountain chalet.
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Timeless Country – a new interior decor collection by Laura Ashley

Timeless Country - a new interior by Laura Ashley - 11

Have you ever thought about filling your home with fresh spring and summer colors? Here in the collection from Laura Ashley we put together ideas for all the new interior collection called Timeless Country. This interior style and home decor trend is filled with rich colors of nature, which is emphasized on all interior elements. This is a unique game of daylight, which creates a feeling of a summer garden.
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