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Small Studio apartment in Sweden (29 sq.m) – tiny stylish interior

Small Studio in Sweden

The interior of the studio in Goethenburg is very concise and practical. This studio apartment is only 29 square meters, and an important role in the design plays a variety of colors. Regular Scandinavian variant – it is white, but the owner of the apartment it seemed too boring. As a result, for the main colors were chosen deep shades of gray, steel accents and black and white details. The apartment fits all – and a compact kitchen, sofa bed on the second floor, and even a full walk-in closet!
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Color Inspiration -


The pastel shades of the Pantone company make this apartment an incredibly airy and delicate place to live in. This is not the residential apartments, but the interior of the exhibition, organized by the Spanish Kenay Home to showcase his collection of furniture inspired by Scandinavian design. Really liked the tiles on the floor, combined with a light color scheme – the original and stylish solution!
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Pastel Inspiration in Scandinavian style – from Australian design company Norsu

Scandinavian pastel color living room

Today we are happy to share the wonderful new collection of photographs of a young Australian company Norsu. This company was created by two ordinary housewives from Victoria state, who once met during “Young Moms” training, where they realized that they both adore Scandinavian design. That is how was this beautiful Australian Store born. Now they are selling Scandinavian decor and furniture. Their credo is – “bringing greater Scandinavian style in Australian homes.” By the way, the name is translated from Finnish as “elephant”. Enjoy your inspiration!

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