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Modern eclecticism for townhouse in Chicago

Modern eclecticism for townhouse in Chicago4

This juicy, emotional design is designed for townhouse in Chicago. Modernity is felt here in all. Since the mixing of styles, which is expressed primarily in the combination of simple things (a pile of firewood, a bike on the wall) and grace (fireplace in the Renaissance style, with stucco, exquisite lamps in the living room and dining room). And finishing richness, originality tones and shades, which seem in themselves are a piece of furniture. Sky-blue, blue-green, milk, raspberry, mocha and graphite – the most relevant combination of modernity. Virtuosity designer is that the classical form (sofas and chairs filled with retro and classic), he put such a bold, beautiful colors. This is a real find. The interior is very fresh, alive and causes a storm of positive emotions. It is designed for those who see in the new normal, looking for fresh ideas in everyday life.
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