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Renewing the old chair: 3 DIY tutorial examples of renewing old classic chairs


Have you noticed that in the summer without being able to immediately go on vacation, we still strive for something new? If you cannot change places, let you change your living appearance, even in small ways, but it will bring some nice mood in your daily life.

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Cross Interior Design studio – portfolio of amazing spacious interiors!


Cross Interior Design studio – portfolio of amazing spacious interiors! Designer Joanna Vagelatos is from a small Canadian design studio called “The Cross Interior Design”. She says that from his childhood she remembers how she was fascinated by various interiors and nice interior designs. In her early ages she loved to decorate her own bedroom and tried to do everything possible to make her bedroom look more spacious. » Read more

Bright accents for the garden and backyard. 11 methods + 45 great ideas from French decorators

garden and backyard bright color ideas

If you have a summer house or garden, and sometimes you require something bright around you, these ideas will inspire you to change your backyard or garden into something extraordinary and unique. If the you want to remain at least within something, which is considered as good taste, use the authoritative opinion of the French designers, presented in this article.

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