Greeting envelope idea from a very nice expensive crafts paper

This is a nicely looking greeting envelope idea from a very nice expensive crafts paper It actually fits to many occasions, whether it is a wedding, and this envelope will contain the wedding invitation, or it is a well thought nice invitation for a romantic evening for a person, whom you really love, or it can be an invitation envelope for a baby shower any occasion, which comes to your mind…

What you have to do is just to find a good reach looking, expensive colorful, thick crafts paper, print the template on some other paper, cut it out, put it on the crafts paper and lead round to be able to cut it easily. Yeah, that is really simple, but after you will get those nicely looking wonderful greeting envelopes.

Oh, sorry, I forgot about the stipe, you can buy it in any crafts shop, but be aware to pick up the decorative stripe the color, which will fit to the crafts paper, which you have already chosen. And yes, it’s better to find the crafts paper first, and then to pick up the appropriate decorative stripe for the paper, then choosing the stripe and having headache with finding the appropriate paper for it. Such crafts paper is much more expensive than a simple decorative stripe. Here at the bottom of the page you will also find a template, which you can easily download and print. This will help you with creating those fantastic greeting envelopes out of crafts paper. Enjoy!

greeting envelope idea from a very nice expensive crafts paper   Template! Template! Template for a greeting envelope from a very nice expensive crafts paper.

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