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In this gallery we have collected many original ways to decorate the interior and the autumn table with apples: from garlands and hearts to candlesticks and a wonderful garnish. See how perfectly such apple decor looks.  Halloween is approaching and Thanksgivings day is not far away. We cannot imagine both of these holiday without apples. The tradition of decorating the table with this fruit goes back to the ancient Romans. However, red and yellow apples will look great on any table.

In this article we offer you a fresh idea for using apples as decor for housing and for table setting. Here we talk about the red and yellow varieties of apples, which you can find now everywhere in stores and markets.

In this gallery we have collected many original ways to decorate the interior and the autumn table with such apples: from garlands and hearts to candlesticks and a wonderful garnish. See how perfectly such apple decor looks. If you have apple trees in the garden and this year was particularly fruitful, put ripe fruits in wicker baskets, wooden pails and place them in the garden for guests to enjoy on your so called harvest. Perfect combination of red apples with gold leaves and green grass – isn’t it great?

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Bouquets and hanging decorations from autumn apples:

Red and yellow apples are perfect for autumn bouquets, wreaths and garlands. You can also put them in a vase, hang whole apples or dried slices on a rope as a garland. You can also make some original compositions or hearts, combine fruits with colored leaves, branches, berries and nuts. In any case, you will get an interesting decoration for the table, doors, walls and windows. And what about the chairs for guests, decorated with apple garlands?

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Decor from autumn apples for table setting:

First of all, apples can be nicely served. For example, they can be wreped into a snow-white napkin or placed in a vase with other fruits and spectacular autumn leaves. Lovers of eco-style will for sure admire the idea of using tree bark. It is also possible to string each apple on a stick, and bake them, and this will remind about youth when everyone used to sit around the campfire.

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red-and-yellow-apples-as-home-decor-autumn-decorations2-4-s-7412196 red-and-yellow-apples-as-home-decor-autumn-decorations2-5-s-3125136 red-and-yellow-apples-as-home-decor-autumn-decorations2-6-s-7813970 red-and-yellow-apples-as-home-decor-autumn-decorations2-7-s-6484704

Candles and candle holders from apples:

Apples can be turned into very original candle holders. You should simply remove the inside of the apple and put the candle inside. See some examples of apples as candle holders below. You can put small apple-candlesticks on a water in a suitable container and enjoying in the evening the reflections of light on the water. To complete the picture you can add some leaves, flowers or twigs with small berries.

red-and-yellow-apples-as-home-decor-candles-and-candle-holders1-s-9299536 red-and-yellow-apples-as-home-decor-candles-and-candle-holders2-s-3619647 red-and-yellow-apples-as-home-decor-candles-and-candle-holders3-s-4853699 red-and-yellow-apples-as-home-decor-candles-and-candle-holders4-s-4113186
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Decorating desserts and culinary delights with apples:

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