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We believe that in the world there are not so many people, who don’t like cats. Here we show some nice ideas of filling your home with some cat attitude even if you can’t get a cat for real (who knows, maybe allergy disturbs, maybe small children in the house…). Anyway, here are some samples.  We collected a big variety of subjects like: cat catching the mouse, cat, chasing birds; cat near the bowl; philosophizing cat on a tree; pack of cats; kittens with a sweetly touching expression faces and many other interesting options.

In this gallery we decided to do a review of the most original stickers of cats and examine which will be the best ways of decorating the house with such cat stickers.

If you like any of these options of stickers, the algorithm of purchasing such ones is really equal to any similar stickers: online stores or ordering in a company specializing on vinyl printing and cutting on vinyl film (at your sketch).

As we know, cats also a symbolize comfort. So let the comfort of your home will be endless! Look at our collection and find interesting ideas!

Cats stickers – where to stick?

Stickers can be placed near the baseboards, up under the ceiling, and above the chest of drawers, or even on the entire wall.

Simply think about some favorite places, where cats use to hang out – sofas, shelves, dressers:

Particularly impressive stickers with cats would look where the real cat would definitely appear. Let them stretch on the back of the couch, balance on the fireplace, examine the contents of the shelves or sit on headboard. Black Cats will look especially beautiful on white or yellow walls.

funny-stickers-cats-for-home-decor1-1-s-5424212 funny-stickers-cats-for-home-decor1-2-s-6033800 funny-stickers-cats-for-home-decor1-3-s-1260015 funny-stickers-cats-for-home-decor1-4-s-6810689
funny-stickers-cats-for-home-decor1-5-s-5712476 funny-stickers-cats-for-home-decor1-6-s-6383176 funny-stickers-cats-for-home-decor1-7-s-7678755 funny-stickers-cats-for-home-decor1-8-s-4345736
funny-stickers-cats-for-home-decor1-9-s-8133780 funny-stickers-cats-for-home-decor1-10-s-8021656 funny-stickers-cats-for-home-decor1-11-s-2578191 funny-stickers-cats-for-home-decor1-12-s-7141043

Cat stickers – not only on the walls:

However, who said that the funny stickers should be placed only on the walls? You can decorate your fridge, doors of a kitchen cupboard or a place such stickers in the place, where the bowl of your favorite usually stands – and you will never forget that you need to feed your cat. If talking about the room of a child or a teenager, you can decorate wardrobe, a chair or a side surface of a table. Variety of cat sticker options.

funny-stickers-cats-for-home-decor2-1-s-3718687 funny-stickers-cats-for-home-decor2-2-s-9349602 funny-stickers-cats-for-home-decor2-3-s-8890433 funny-stickers-cats-for-home-decor2-4-s-1745726
funny-stickers-cats-for-home-decor2-5-s-7581605 funny-stickers-cats-for-home-decor2-6-s-3660936

Here are some common types:

1. Colored cats and kitten stickers

funny-stickers-cats-for-home-decor3-1-s-8470480 funny-stickers-cats-for-home-decor3-2-s-8135007 funny-stickers-cats-for-home-decor3-3-s-8281623 funny-stickers-cats-for-home-decor3-4-s-7978030
funny-stickers-cats-for-home-decor3-5-s-6074058 funny-stickers-cats-for-home-decor3-6-s-2142034

2. Cats stickers with inscriptions:

funny-stickers-cats-for-home-decor4-1-s-5496267 funny-stickers-cats-for-home-decor4-2-s-2015471 funny-stickers-cats-for-home-decor4-3-s-9687485

3. Thin contours:

Do you want to emphasize your exquisite taste in a special way? Pay attention to the stickers with delicate contours! Cat is an elegant animal, and when combined with graceful contours this will be a really nice standard of good taste.

funny-stickers-cats-for-home-decor5-1-s-3350075 funny-stickers-cats-for-home-decor5-2-s-1328270 funny-stickers-cats-for-home-decor5-3-s-9074439

4. Mirror stickers with cats, mirrors in form of cats:

Such stickers can not only decorate the house, but also perform, let me say, a mirror function. Mirror surfaces usually expand the space, and although they are still in the form of cats – there is no limit for imagination open all the way!

funny-stickers-cats-for-home-decor6-1-s-6892213 funny-stickers-cats-for-home-decor6-2-s-1014985 funny-stickers-cats-for-home-decor6-3-s-6849791 funny-stickers-cats-for-home-decor6-4-s-1917547
funny-stickers-cats-for-home-decor6-5-s-9619722 funny-stickers-cats-for-home-decor6-6-s-6101942

Cat stickers, which will add some nice mood:

Humor and game-play:

Funny stickers look like little masterpieces. Cat, hunting for fish on a rope; meditating cat; small furry devils; jumping cat; cats and birds; cats and mice – this is not a complete list of what will certainly lift your mood.

funny-stickers-cats-for-home-decor7-1-s-7916073 funny-stickers-cats-for-home-decor7-2-s-5762391 funny-stickers-cats-for-home-decor7-3-s-1649480 funny-stickers-cats-for-home-decor7-4-s-2930376
funny-stickers-cats-for-home-decor7-5-s-3385238 funny-stickers-cats-for-home-decor7-6-s-8368797


Suppose that in each corner of the house there is love! Stickers with cats and hearts perfectly fit into the interior of a home of romantic couple.

funny-stickers-cats-for-home-decor8-1-s-7152531 funny-stickers-cats-for-home-decor8-2-s-5193798 funny-stickers-cats-for-home-decor8-3-s-1982108

Exquisite Siamese cats:

funny-stickers-cats-for-home-decor9-1-s-8775511 funny-stickers-cats-for-home-decor9-2-s-5680160 funny-stickers-cats-for-home-decor9-3-s-7513364 funny-stickers-cats-for-home-decor9-4-s-3901862
funny-stickers-cats-for-home-decor9-5-s-4283168 funny-stickers-cats-for-home-decor9-6-s-7970752

A gaggle of cats on a big wall:

funny-stickers-cats-for-home-decor10-1-s-3267048 funny-stickers-cats-for-home-decor10-2-s-6948799 funny-stickers-cats-for-home-decor10-3-s-3801896

Some other ideas of cats stickers.

funny-stickers-cats-for-home-decor11-1-s-9303140 funny-stickers-cats-for-home-decor11-2-s-3372315 funny-stickers-cats-for-home-decor11-3-s-8020119

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