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Living room for both, children and parents – hints for keeping children stuff in decorative storage


Your kids can not sit in kids room, they want to explore the house and throw toys wherever possible… I guess this picture is familiar to those, who are parents. Then this is the time to arrange the living room convenient for both you and your children. » Read more

Industrial chic with feminine charm: 2 stylish loft interiors from Paris.


Industrial chic with feminine charm: 2 stylish loft interiors from Paris.
As you know, there is a lot in common between the industrial style and loft interiors. But the first usually refers to the type of space in which the housing is created, its main structures and elements of decoration. The second one is more likely about furniture and decor – concise, brutal things, evoking associations with furniture factories. » Read more

A wonder play house for children in the attic.


To have own play house this is a drean of every child. The talented Spanish designer Marta Corsini was also thinking of this for her own daughters. She came up with a very nice creative idea for improvisation on the fairy house. She decided to turn a ​​24 square meter attic into an ideal space for creativity. We admit that she managed this quite well. In this post we will tell what Marta suggests about how to build such a play house in any attic that you have, and how to turn it into a wonderful children’s room. » Read more

How to keep some of children drawings – 27 original ideas for hanging drawings of your children


Have you ever thought why children like drawing and painting so much? Most children like this, but when they grow up, they do it less and less. Most probably that happens because kids are not particularly concerned with whether they do it right or not, and very rarely compare their “artistry” with the others? But as children grow, them more often face with a mass of rules and conventions that claim that everything must be perfect. » Read more