Monthly Archives: April 2015

Fresh inspirational interior from Marta O’Hara

fresh inspiring interior from marta o hara

Very soft and gentle, with the adding of bright colors, this interior by Marta O’Hara fascinates at first sight. Even when only looking closely at the details of the interiors, you immediately fill the desire to appear in this flat with all this comfort, brought by a touch of glamor.

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Inspiring Eco – panels of greenery on the walls in a small flat

greenery eco panels on the walls amazing interior of a small flat

This is a really unusual creative idea for such a stylish and modern apartment. We came across this idea and with real pleasure share a gallery of photos of this such astonishing Eco interior. The designers created a really comfortable and ergonomic living space with modern art. This is a true urban flat, having numerous large windows in a living room with breathtaking views of the crowded city.

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