12 unbelievably creative stairs decor ideas which will blow your mind!

Most of our homes have stairs. If you are on the stage of designing a new house, in such a case, you can do whatever you want: from design and shape – to individual elements. But most of the time we buy house with already pre-designed stairs,in this case we can use imagination inspired by various decorative techniques. And this gallery of creative stairs decoration ideas will help you to change mood in your house.

Some thoughts about stairs, which could help you with planning your own decor.

Stone has always been and remains the most reliable and trusted material for stairs in a classic style. However, it has significant disadvantages – a lot of weight and complexity of installation. Of course, you could arrange your stairs with the decorative materials, so it would look like made with stone, but even in this case it would have high weight.

Another direction of stairs decoration is vintage style. It includes several areas such as special vintage elements, country style design, using different texture fabrics for decorating stairs – and this is actually very unusual way of stairs decor, but it will look astonishing, and you will see some examples of such stairs decor with different bright fabric textures in our gallery.

Such stairs will fit perfectly into a variety of popular styles like ethno, country, fusion and eco-style.

Enjoy this nice collection of creative stairs decorations

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