Storing jewelry – 6 useful advices of adornment storage at home

This article has wide variety of good ideas for storing your jewelry adorements from expensive jewelry to sometimes cheap Bijou items.

Why is this important? None of the other topics related to the order, is not so exciting as inventing ways to store jewelry. After all, the majority of women by the age of 30 accumulat quite an impressive collections. Some jewelry refer to the favorite ones, others are laid for the daughters, and some in 10 years after the purchase are in vogue again.

This we divided in two sections: tradditional ways for storing adornments and jewelry and creative ways for arranging and storing your jewelry.

Tree traditional ways of storing jewelry

Method #1 as old as time – special cases for storing jewelry adornments

This method of storing adornments was invented a long time ago. Special cases can be placed in the closet and dresser, as well as – to take a trip. Little boxes neatly place all your favorite decoration items. Some are equipped with mirrors and snaps.


Method #2: jewelry storage beautiful boxes and caskets

This method is also, one of the most famous adornments storage options. Our grandmothers had those, even if the content did not have any value. But every woman knows that this treasure box is able to lighten the mood.


Method #3: drawers for storing jewelry

Convenient to store some not expensive stuff, especially good if you are able to buy such box with internal dividers. There are special tab-compartments in standard boxes, decorated with velvet. But you can buy or come up with more affordable options.

Three creative ways to store jewelry at home


Method #4: beautiful tea service for storing jewelry


Method #5: tabe stands and holders for storing adornments


Method #6: wall displays and boards for storing jewelry and adornments

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