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English interior of a loft with interesting decor ideas – Kent, England

Loft with interesting details in England

Today we want to share with you a nice example of how to decorate your house with different home decor items to get a wonderful english style interior. This loft is in Northbourne, Kent, England. The background has typical for the English style black, gray and shades of brown tone, and there is a warm mustard yellow, turquoise active, delicate pink and bright red. A variety of color palette makes this english interior very catchy and special. The perfect role here was played by the bronze, brass and wooden items, which also gave the apartment a certain charm and a loft style - home decor ideas.

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Solitary residence in the mountains by interior design studio CLB

Solitary residence in the mountains

Couple with two young children for a long time dreamed of a spacious and comfortable suburban house for their growing family. Their new home, located at the foot of the mountain, and designed by the interior design studio Carney Logan Burke, combines a simple and concise form of modern architecture and interior and comfort of a mountain chalet.
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Modern interior of a house with stained glass windows in Australia

Beautiful house with stained glass windows in Australia - 13

The bright color palette of this modern interior of the house with stained-glass windows in Australia is a really masterful combination of colors reminiscent of the impressionists. Against the background of bright walls, ceiling and floor bright furniture, paintings and decorative items in this modern interior look fantastic. The color palette chosen so precisely, that you seem to dissolve in this space, each time enjoying every detail. Stained glass windows is something to notice.  » Read more

Bright apartment in the leafy suburb of Stockholm – Swedish style white interior!

Bright apartment in the leafy suburb of StockholmBright apartment in the leafy suburb of Stockholm

Today we have a beautiful apartment from a Swedish country living. It has all the same features of traditional Scandinavian interior, but outside there are not office buildings and crowded cafes but a quiet picturesque forest. Excellent inexpensive option for those who wants to escape from the bisy city life!
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Stylish and modern apartments with terrace in New York

Modern Apartments with terrace in New York

These magnificent apartments are ideally giving the understanding of the modern housing in New York. They are spacious, with stylish modern design with neutral colors, with large windows from the floor to ceiling and a view of the surrounding office buildings, with a comfortable open-plan. But this particular apartment has a big comfortable terrace with a stunning New York view.
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Beautiful and comfortable apartment in Spain – nice european interior

Beautiful and comfortable apartment in Spain - 9

The only wish the owners of this apartments in Spain had to the designers was – the interior has to be beautiful, but at the same time very practical modern interior – this simultaneously became a difficult task. But still european interiors are famous exactly for their ability to combine several tasks in very limited conditions.
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