Monthly Archives: October 2016

Monochrome Swedish flat (57 sq. M)


ENTRANCE Swedish real estate agency is different from its competitors not only first-class objects in the sale, but also the beautiful creative photography apartments. Photos on their website are very stylish and artistic, often with the processing and filters on the interior looks even more inspiring. Today we have a monochrome one-bedroom apartment of 57 square meters. m. Look!
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Photographer Ragnar Omarsson


Ragnar Omarsson was born in Reykjavik, but in 17 years, went to Italy to embody his childhood dream to become a photographer – he studied at the Faculty of “Graphic Design” in one of the prestigious schools of Florence. Next, in search of opportunities for professional growth, he moved with his wife to Stockholm, where he works to this day. His talent was quickly spotted by leading interior design companies in Scandinavia (including IKEA) with which Ragnar became very tightly together. All the best of Scandinavian design can be found in his wonderful portfolio. Enjoy!
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