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The good old classic interior from Parker and Company interior design studio

The works by Parker & Company, the American interior design studio look exactly like if they were made by the fans of the good old classics. It is a simple and very sincere classic interior with a gentle touch of antique bagatelles as decor, with beautiful elegant wooden furniture that was unbelievably fashionable for many years but a long time ago. This house really has a great atmosphere of timeless being.
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Good wallpaper for the walls Respeys


Company Respeys – perhaps the perfect wallpaper store to order. Firstly, they have a large range of truly original and stylish wallpaper that can miraculously transform the living space, and a model of the unique collections harmoniously fit almost any decor. Secondly, the flexibility – if you wish you can change the color and rapport liked wallpaper that best illustrates the wishes and requirements of the design project. Thus, the same wallpaper may look totally different depending on what the client wants.
Finally, the speed. Wallpaper on the order often associated with unacceptably long waiting period, which sometimes reaches up to 6 weeks. In Respeys, even taking into account the changes in color and size, the production will not take more than a week, after which the wallpaper can be delivered anywhere in the world.
In Respeys constantly appears something new, for example, very soon it will be a section in which will be presented to the author’s wallpaper from independent artists and designers. For each collection of this section is its own history and its own original perspective on interior design.
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Modern house for a family in London


The interiors of the London studio Turner Pocock’s hard not to fall in love. Working mostly with traditional English town houses, the designers managed to develop his signature handwriting, built on the classic features of the famous English style coupled with a completely fresh new design techniques and colors. Their new project for a family home in London demonstrates what many experts believe Turner Pocock one of the most interesting modern studios in England. Look!
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Spectacular loft in Moscow


This spectacular loft in Moscow from a studio workshop №17 unique in almost everything – from the architecture to the room a stylish internal filling! Due to the massive arched windows on the wall and ceiling height of 7.5 meters (apartment occupies the top floor luxury house), the room was originally on the atmosphere resembled some ancient cathedral in the old Europe. The interior is very modern, full of clever technology, although there is some old elements (stone fireplace) and vintage decoration. Inspiring!
Source: M17, Elle
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Gorgeous designer apartment reconstruction


To see the potential – that’s what distinguishes the successful from the designer simply good. When a designer Isabel first saw their future apartment, she was impressed by the luxurious large windows and natural light, although the room was in need of major repairs and it was far from the definition of the “dream house”. New owner had done a great job before her apartment began to play with new colors and gained a magnificent view – was demolished most of the walls, completely replaced the floor and carefully restored some of the original architectural elements. But what happened in the end is definitely worth all the costs. Bravo!
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Spring and noble interior of the house by the river


The interior of the house on the Hudson River in the United States has turned out amazingly fresh and organic. The main attraction of the house – a large window overlooking the river, and the interior with its natural shades is a continuation of nature outside. In general, the combination of pastel shades of beige, brown and blue – it’s always a guarantee of elegance and style, this palette is hardly once bored, and if so, then it always can be diluted with vivid detail. Also, due to the abundance of natural light and a white base here is very fresh, the feeling is also enhanced and beautiful bright bouquets, placed throughout the home. This interior is certainly a very appealing energy!
Source: Chango
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Vintage children from Restoration Hardwar


Each new catalog Restoration Hardware we expect with great impatience, as if kinogurman waiting for the release of the next series of his favorite series. The company has accustomed us to the excellent taste and high-grade paper decorators who create such magnificent interiors for their annual magazines. Kids Collection Baby & Child stands in a line of products RH, in fact foster a sense of style in children pay special attention to the manufacturer. Today we have photos from the latest collections of children’s company. Enjoy watching!
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Modern and compact interior in Bucharest


At 50 square meters apartment in Bucharest designers from Rosu Ciocodeica studio managed to place everything necessary for the full life of a young couple. This project is a living link, the center, where you can get to the bedroom, bathroom and kitchen. Interestingly, instead of interior doors in the apartment were used stylish glass partitions, allowing also a natural way to enhance natural light in the interior. The decoration designers relied on the contrast of warm and cool colors: for example, blue walls and a concrete ceiling complement the light wood furniture. A very good example of working with a small space: trivial and stylish!
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Lovely 26 sq. m


The creators of the interior, to put it mildly, a small apartment in Sweden once again prove that malometrazhki – this is not a sentence. A total of 26 square meters. m, as well as comfort, style and interesting solutions in this residential area! Perhaps someone will say that sleeping on the second “shelf”, as if in a train compartment, not too convenient, and perhaps it will be right. But we are convinced that the pros in this design is clearly prevail over minuses. Great job!
Source: Maklar Ringen
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Modern interior with a chalet-style elements in Canada


This modern house in the resort of Mont Tremblant, in the province of Quebec, was the ideal place for a winter holiday a family of four. Some elements and solutions in the interior design of the house were taken from the chalet-style walls, paved with wood paneling, solid wood furniture with minimal processing, wool and fur in the decor. In contrast to this rather original look modern minimalist furniture and sleek glossy surface. Beautiful mountain house with a modern twist!
Design: Les Ensembliers
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Eclecticism in the Spanish interior


Balcony on the entire length of the apartment, three vintage fireplaces, high ceilings with decorative moldings … impossible not to fall in love with this house, in the heart of Madrid. The building, dating from the late nineteenth century, is a monument of architecture, some elements of the facade had been saved and the lost – reproduced with maximum accuracy. The new design has brought into the interior of freshness and lightness. First of all the space given a modern and convenient form, connecting the living room, the library and the kitchen to get more freedom and light. Rooms are decorated with black and white marble, which serves as the perfect backdrop for art.
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