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Cosy chalet in the Italian Alps with beautiful wooden interior.

Italy - South Tirol

Incredibly cozy wooden chalet San Luis is not just on the slopes of the picturesque Italian Alps – it is literally immersed in an unspoiled nature reserve South Tyrol. Judging from the first photo, green spruces almost penetrate the house – guests can even touch the spruce branches, having a morning drink  or some coffee on your own lovely balcony or a gorgeous terrace. But it is also beautiful inside. The wooden interior amazed from the very first glance. Wooden walls and floor are in every room. It creates an unbelievable unity with nature.
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Stylish and modern apartments with terrace in New York

Modern Apartments with terrace in New York

These magnificent apartments are ideally giving the understanding of the modern housing in New York. They are spacious, with stylish modern design with neutral colors, with large windows from the floor to ceiling and a view of the surrounding office buildings, with a comfortable open-plan. But this particular apartment has a big comfortable terrace with a stunning New York view.
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Manor La Casa de los Tomilares – gorgeous hotel for midn and soul relaxation in Spain

Manor La Casa de los Tomilares in Spain - 26

Manor La Casa de los Tomillares is a gorgeous villa in Spain created for a true romantic couples who in their dream vacation want to get away from civilization, in the midst of hilly landscape where there’s nothing at all except the desert. This is where they can find peace and relaxation for body and soul, especially since the old mansion and a luxury area contribute to this as much as possible. Great place!
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Decorative buckets and pails in the interior or as a decoration in the backyard


Here’s a very interesting and by the way not so rare idea. We would like you to pay attention to how to use a metal buckets and pails for decoration and storage. The buckets which are used for this can be very small or medium-sized. Material – steel (galvanized, galvanized, enameled or varnished) or tin. Now they acquire not only gardeners or owners of household plots, but also people who are not indifferent to the original ideas for the interior. » Read more

Magic tree house in the middle of a fir forest and few ideas for cool tree houses!


No doubt this is an unbelievable picture of an awesome tree house and I myself can’t believe that this small tree house was built exactly on firs. It seems like somebody decided to fulfill his or her childhood dream to have something like a shelter, children’s cool tree houses or a magic tree house on a fir in a deep-deep forest.

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Backyard round bench DIY. If you have really old trees in your backyard, you’ll definitely notice this idea.


This is a great idea for your backyard if you have couple of trees in your garden or your backyard. This DIY tutorial shows step by step how to create such fantastic bench around the tree. Of course it is better to give this job to the professionals, but still you will be aware of how it has to be done.

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Bright accents for the garden and backyard. 11 methods + 45 great ideas from French decorators

garden and backyard bright color ideas

If you have a summer house or garden, and sometimes you require something bright around you, these ideas will inspire you to change your backyard or garden into something extraordinary and unique. If the you want to remain at least within something, which is considered as good taste, use the authoritative opinion of the French designers, presented in this article.

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