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Paris hotel with a Scandinavian twist


Despite the fact that the furniture and decor for the hotel COQ Hotel was made by French manufacturers, interior circumferential thought of Scandinavian design. Minimalist, often austere room obviously not overwhelmed furnishings, what to say, if the beds in the majority even without the head, but instead only the hanger cabinets.
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Wooden interior of a delightful romantic chalet in the Alps

A delightful chalet in the Alps - 8

Just look at this wonderful wooden interior of astonishing chalet in Angora, in the French Megève! It is really majestic and at the same time warm and cozy like home, that is the main part of the inspired by the mountain’s nature wooden house! This chalet also has a very romantic interior charm, so you can come not only in winter, when everybody tends to go to mountains to sky or do other winter activities, but it is really nice to experience a wonderful breath of mountains during other seasons and get this relaxing romance of french Alps, covered with greenery and fresh air.
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Hotel Henriette – a Stylish small hotel in Paris – french style interior

Stylish small hotel in Paris Hotel Henriette - 33

Henriette Hotel a small french style interior hotel offers a complete set of all the charms of residence in the atmospheric small hotel in the most romantic city in the world Paris. It is situated in a quiet historic area of Paris. This beautiful hotel has an astonishing privacy (only 30 rooms) and lovely interior garden, and the most important, interesting and stylish modern design.
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Holidays with taste by the lake ‘The Lakes by Yoo’ english style Hotel

Holidays by the lake with taste - Hotel The Lakes by Llc - 26

This very unusual and stylish The Lakes by Yoo hotel was recently built just 90 minutes from the bustling London among a beautiful nature reserve close to the picturesque quiet lake. This oasis of tranquility and style is a series of modern villas placed directly at the water with glass walls and interiors by the best British designers. It boasts a luxurious spa complex, several restaurants and a kids club. This is a true relaxing luxury of a fascinating English style interiors
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Renovated Hotel du Ministere in Paris

Renovated Hotel du Ministry in Paris

Hotel du Ministere – fairly well-known hotel in Paris with its own interesting story. It was built in the 30s of the last century. But a few years ago, hotelier bought the adjacent building and started a big reconstruction with the assistance of a talented French architect Francois Champseur. The renovated and enlarged building is now filled with light and bright design with retro elements. Have a Look and enjoy this beautiful modern design!
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Manor La Casa de los Tomilares – gorgeous hotel for midn and soul relaxation in Spain

Manor La Casa de los Tomilares in Spain - 26

Manor La Casa de los Tomillares is a gorgeous villa in Spain created for a true romantic couples who in their dream vacation want to get away from civilization, in the midst of hilly landscape where there’s nothing at all except the desert. This is where they can find peace and relaxation for body and soul, especially since the old mansion and a luxury area contribute to this as much as possible. Great place!
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Snow White fairy tale in Greece – beautiful white interior

Snow White fairy tale in Greece - 17

Hotel named Racconto in a pretty coastal town of Parga, which is situated north-west of Greece, is translated as “fairy tale”. The creation of the fabulous resting place became the basis for the concept of the hotel interior is decorated almost entirely in white. There are only 11 rooms, but this is the main advantage of the hotel – the maximum privacy and relaxation for those who appreciate beautiful design!
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The stylish Casa term on Rhodes – a piece of gorgeous Greece


The creators of the network designer hotels Casa Cook aims to see to set new standards in the organization of modern resorts in the most beautiful places of the globe. Relaxing atmosphere in this hotel is designed for young modern travelers, who understand and appreciate the comfort with the bold style. Most recently on the Greek island of Rhodes this company opened their first hotel in this chain.
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