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Small but comfortable modern apartment interior in Spain

Comfortable 100 square meters. m Spain - 8

Beige interior seems to be always pleasant and comfortable without any distraction, as in this wonderful modern apartment in Spain. The modern apartment interior looks warm and at the same time very fresh and stylish. With that, this color is the main motive of the design of the whole house, built around the rest of the design.
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Shades of Turquoise in the elegant modern apartment interior

Shades of Turquoise in the interior of the apartment in Orel - 18

In this modern apartment interior you will find a very unusual combination of colors for the interior of the apartment. Shades of turquoise, gray and beige were selected for this elegant, classic living room which is also nicely combined with modern kitchen. It was very nice, though, and safely. The bedrooms and office have warmer color palette, but are also made in a very modern style with nice and interesting color combinations.
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Not a traditional modern swedish interior of two bedroom apartment in Sweden

Elegant two-bedroom apartment in Sweden (77 sq. M) - 20

This apartment in the capital of Sweden is an excellent example of elegant modern urban housing. Strict minimalistic interior line diluted by beautiful fabrics and modern artwork on the wall. The special atmosphere of the modern interior gives a cozy accent lighting represented by a variety of stylish lamps throughout the house.
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Vintage furnture home decor and modern interior design collection 2016 by Artwood

Collection 2016 by Artwood - 19

This is a new collection of vintage furniture and home decor by Swedish studio Artwood, where they tried to add more Scandinavian style, especially white – beautiful furniture in white presented in a luxurious wooden house with white walls. For the rest, everything is here, for we love this wonderful brand: only natural materials in the decoration, rough wood and leather, beautiful outdoor furniture, candles and stylish accessories. Enjoy watching! Beautiful home decor in a nice modern interior design.
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Classic interior of a townhouse in Montreal in dark colors

Classic interior in dark colors - 11

This charming L-shaped townhouse in Montreal was built in 1923. Now the house is quite modern, but still a very elegant classical interior atmosphere reigns in it, which ideally combines functionality and beauty. The main components of the interior design are carpets, paintings and fine furniture in the style of Louis XVI. A dramatic dark tones and gold this design details are added touch of luxury to this classic interior.
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Eclectic interior from the designer of clothes in Barcelona

The interior in the style of eclecticism for designer clothes - 20

Barcelona’s Sarria-Sant Gervasi Green and calm area has always attracted the owner of the apartment – he dreamed of one day to buy an apartment here. And no wonder, because this area is considered one of the most prestigious and beautiful, largely due to its location on a hill, offering a unique view of the city. The designer of this interior Cristina Rodriguez has created for the customer, designer clothing, interior design in eclectic interior style, in which the clash between East and West, antiques, furniture from the 70s and fancy lighting of the future.
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Marisa Tomei – super fine apartment of a hollywood actress

Fine apartments Hollywood actress - 6

Marisa Tomei a hollywood actress managed to create such wonderful filling in her New York apartment in a day. Searches on eBay, flea markets – all to ensure that every piece of furniture create the right atmosphere. This is a very delicate woman interior. Saturated color accents, a very diverse textiles, and, of course, rare furniture. It is a pleasure to consider the details in the interior of this outstanding!
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Reconstruction of a country house in Australia – modern vivid interior

Reconstruction of a country house in Australia - 9

This modern country house in located in the suburbs of Melbourne, Australia. It’s interior has been recently renovated by the interior design studio Canny Design, is a prime example of light and comfortable minimalistic interior design. The main feature of this Australian interior after the reconstruction began is sliding glass doors and windows to the full height of the walls.

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Paris elegance with a modern interior design edge – True French Style!

Parisian elegance with a modern edge - 14

Here’s a juicy design that causes a lot of emotion, was developed by the interior design studio from Paris. French style chic, elegance and charm – these three words form the basis of a new concept of design solutions in modern interior design. However, there is a note of the call. Bright, deep, very original colors used in the interior, this small revolution, a dispute with the generally accepted notion of French culture.  » Read more

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