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Gentle swedish interior of the modern apartment in Stockholm

Gentle interior of the apartment in Stockholm

This charming Swedish interior of a modern apartment in Stockholm is a classic example of modern Scandinavian style living space. Situated in one of the most popular streets in Stockholm this building is among those beautiful building of the 1800s, in which one of the apartments has been lovingly restored with a modern interior design twist, while preserving age-old traditions.
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Charming modern apartment interior design – beautiful unusual color combinations

Modern eclecticism for townhouse in Chicago - 9

What a good designer designed this modern apartment interior. Brilliant works with color! At first glance, the palette of the apartment in an old house is plain neutral, but upon closer inspection you realize that it is composed of interesting and unusual tones and shades. Also in furniture: each object does not stand out from the crowd, but picked up expertly and harmoniously complements the overall refined picture.

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Juicy Naomi Watts’s modern apartment in New York

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Naomi Watts’s modern apartment in New York radiate life and good mood. Hard to believe that once here was located a progressive loft creative personality, because now the home is more like an oasis in the middle of pacified bustling metropolis for the modern family. Light foundation, lush furnishings and decor items, plenty of natural light through large windows. New York style.
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Large French house in the United States by Alice Lane interior design studio

Alice Lane interior design studio - large french house in the US

Designers from Alice Lane interior design studio with more warmly about the project a huge French mansion in Utah, even among themselves to call it their baby. The team worked on the project from scratch and spent for it’s implementation a few years, so it is not surprising such emotional attachment to this house. This is a wonderful usa interior.
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Small space solutions in small apartment in Sweden only 319 sq.ft

Small Studio in Sweden (29 sq.m) - 7

The interior of the small apartment studio in Gothenburg Sweden is very concise and practical. The area of the apartment of 319 sq.ft., and an important role in the design plays a variety of colors. You will be able to find some small space solutions here. Regular Scandinavian style option – it is white, but for the owner of the apartment it seemed too boring. As a result, for the main colors were chosen deep shades of gray, steel accents and black and white details. Despite of a really spall space in this apartment, here you’ll find everything – a compact kitchen, sofa, a bed on the second floor above the closet, and even a full walk-in closet!
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American Style House in New York with a spacious backyard and pond

House in the United States with a spacious backyard and pond - 10

The main advantage of this house is it’s advanced age. This small house in New York, USA, is more than a hundred years old. During the reconstruction of the interior designer Shawn Henderson decided not to overload the interior with modern elements, and to focus on its architectural heritage and magnificent surroundings – just a few pieces of furniture, but at the expense of white-beamed ceilings a lot of air, and from the windows without curtains overlooking the spacious backyard .
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Cosy chalet in the Italian Alps with beautiful wooden interior.

Italy - South Tirol

Incredibly cozy wooden chalet San Luis is not just on the slopes of the picturesque Italian Alps – it is literally immersed in an unspoiled nature reserve South Tyrol. Judging from the first photo, green spruces almost penetrate the house – guests can even touch the spruce branches, having a morning drink  or some coffee on your own lovely balcony or a gorgeous terrace. But it is also beautiful inside. The wooden interior amazed from the very first glance. Wooden walls and floor are in every room. It creates an unbelievable unity with nature.
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European Interior with a touch of antique and vintage decor in Barcelona

Interior with a touch of antiquity in Barcelona - 6

The house in which is located this wonderful european interior style apartment in Barcelona, was built over 100 years ago, and this fact found its reflection in the interior, which has it’s unique antique touch. Vintage furniture and vintage decor, high ceilings and beautiful tiles emphasize advanced age of the building and help to mentally travel back to many years ago in the past. However, the interior is very relevant today.
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Drawing and color from Katie Ridder

Drawing and color from Katie Ridder - 7

Designer Katie Ridder is known for her love of bold color range, once again presented a very interesting and challenging mix of prints, textures and color palette. Dynamic contrast-colored walls set off by very calm. Rejection of the wallpaper – a good step in this interior, focuses on textiles and furniture. The combination of ruby and blue in the living room takes us to India, but the details in the form of paintings, elegant lighting fixtures do not allow us to forget that we are in a luxurious Manhattan. Airy interior, despite the selected bright palette, achieved by the height of ceilings. Interior for creative people who are accustomed to live a bright and rich!
Source: House Beautiful
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