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The house surrounded by vineyards – american style wooden interior

The house is surrounded by vineyards

Not far from the coast of the state of Massachusetts is a small island with an interesting name – Martha’s Vineyard (Martha’s Vineyard). It was here among the grape fields, lies this exquisite mansion. The main colors of the interior – a combination of white, beige and brown, complemented by parts olive and blue. At first it seems that the character of the house resembles the venerable gentleman, who loves the classics and refinement. Beautiful wooden interior of american style. This is a good example of classic usa interior. » Read more

Modern apartment interior in an old house in London

Modern apartment in an old house in London

Small Scenic Area Maida Vale in the western part of London. Everything attracts so home buyers, not least for its beautiful architecture. The house in which are located the spacious apartments, was built between 1902-1904 years, but has recently been carefully and lovingly restored. At the request of one of the master bedrooms converted into a dining room combined with living room, which ultimately allowed us to obtain a large space with open floor plan. And one of the adjacent storage space designers turned to the bathroom. Interior design has become something of a creative improvisation on the theme of Parisian apartments and Mediterranean houses. The color palette is to be simple, with soft blue-gray background, diluted with light red and blue accents. Very living space!
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A small modern apartment in Israel from Mayan interior design studio

A small modern apartment in Israel (67 sq. M) - 13

This small modern apartment of 1200 square feet, is located in Tel Aviv, and the interior was designed by the interior design studio Mayan Studio. Israeli designers have shown that even when working with a small space thing is the beauty and sense of style. The interior of the merged harmony of minimalist design and urban practicality. Following the redevelopment apartment is much more spacious and bright.
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The refined design from Wesley Moon interior design studio – european touch

The refined design of the Wesley Moon

For Wesley Moon interior design studio the perfect design is when a designer work is almost not visible at first sight, but the interior is at once attracts and pleases the eye. Individuality and skillfully selected items – that according to the designer makes admire the interior of his mansions and specialists. Wesley Moon interior design studio is fully involved in the process: they can directly monitor the repair works at the site, and after a couple of days choose a unique antique decorations for the project at a flea market in Paris – all to ensure that the customers get the best results.
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Scandinavian style romantic white interior apartment in the loft in Sweden

Wonderful apartment in the attic in Stockholm

There is still something romantic in the sloping ceilings, windows in the roof and white interior! And who might be better other than Scandinavians, who are experts in this kind of residential spaces – this apartment on the top floor in Stockholm boasts a beautiful sophisticated design by Swedish designers – a true Scandinavian style. Familiar neutral black-and-white base is diluted unobtrusive light lilac-blue accents pillows, paintings and fresh flowers. Easy and nice modern white loft interior!

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Beautiful classic luxury suburban interior from Russia.

Beautiful house in the suburbs

When you look at this classic interior of the suburban house in the suburban cottage, you know what it means serenity and peace. It’s all very easy and beautiful, harmony is felt even through the photos. Natural materials and colors rule the ball in the house, colors and general atmosphere is set to a warm, soulful rest in a circle of relatives of people.

Classic luxury furniture, calm pastel colors, pleasant wall texture and classic interior decor – everything makes this charming interior so wonderful, beautiful and relaxing.
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Brick, Stone, Wood – amazing modern interior from Poland, Warsaw.

The apartment is finished with brick in Warsaw (55 sq. M) - 18

From the first glance this small apartment seems to be dark. Of course, because wooden interior with combination of brick and dark grey stone make it really dark. But in the other hand it seems to be a very stylish and modern interior. This modern two-bedroom apartment with less than 600 square feet looks attractive. It is situated in a new residential complex in a quiet area of Warsaw. This modern interior was designed by a european interior design studio company Levantin Design.
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Sunny country style interior with views of the mountains in Spain

Sunny interior with views of the mountains - 12

What is the recipe for a successful reconstruction of the house? Enlarge window and doors, make maximum of open space – that’s exactly what  Spanish designers will tell you. Especially when the windows are opened to such a wonderful views of the mountains! This country house looks really relaxing and country style reunites with the beauty and amplitude of the mountain view. Pastel colors make this interior tender and beautiful, and the window are fantastic.
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Modern interior of a house with stained glass windows in Australia

Beautiful house with stained glass windows in Australia - 13

The bright color palette of this modern interior of the house with stained-glass windows in Australia is a really masterful combination of colors reminiscent of the impressionists. Against the background of bright walls, ceiling and floor bright furniture, paintings and decorative items in this modern interior look fantastic. The color palette chosen so precisely, that you seem to dissolve in this space, each time enjoying every detail. Stained glass windows is something to notice.  » Read more

Bright apartment in the leafy suburb of Stockholm – Swedish style white interior!

Bright apartment in the leafy suburb of StockholmBright apartment in the leafy suburb of Stockholm

Today we have a beautiful apartment from a Swedish country living. It has all the same features of traditional Scandinavian interior, but outside there are not office buildings and crowded cafes but a quiet picturesque forest. Excellent inexpensive option for those who wants to escape from the bisy city life!
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