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Luxury apartment in New York – modern luxury in the heart of world’s famous city

Luxury apartment in New York - 3

Built in 1870, this open-plan penthouse is located in a prestigious New York city – Tribeca. Designers who refurnished this penthouse apartment decided to pay tribute to the historical heritage of the building with original architectural features, while providing the comfort of modern life.
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The works of Swedish photographer Anders Bergstedt – scandinavian style!

The works of Swedish photographer Anders Bergstedt - 14

Photographer Anders Bergstedt repeatedly falls into the picture when when talking about the Scandinavian interior design. The fact is that Anders Bergstedt is hired by all sorts of Swedish real estate agencies and design magazines. Clients appreciate his works for the creative approach and attention to detail. His portfolio is a great collection of Scandinavian style interior designs in all its beauty!
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Gorgeous blue interior of the coastal house on Mediterranean Sea in Greece

Blue interior of the blue Mediterranean Sea - 7

The blue sea and gorgeous look of the Mediterranean coast have always inspired to create light and bright interiors. This house in Greece is a true synonym of the sea, the same blue and inviting. Along the Mediterranean coast, you can meet a lot of blue and white houses with charming shutters and interior decoration, most likely each of them is unique. Yes, white and blue theme, wood and ceramics, you will see it everywhere, but each owner adds his or her own mood to every house.
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A fresh look at the interior of a traditional country house in the US

A fresh look at the interior of a traditional country house in the US - 9

The project of this house in Massachusetts has been both challenging and interesting. A family of five people wanted their new home look more open, modern, and comfortable for living. This eclectic and colorful interior is very near to a family comfort. Designers have decided to use the items in rustic style and a variety of expensive materials such as bronze, oak and marble. In general this interior received an overall style of elegance and refined look.
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Beautiful Scandinavian loft (114 sq. M)

Beautiful Scandinavian loft (114 sq. M) - 16

Today we have another beautiful bright attic or let’s say loft from Scandinavian designers. The interior seems to be very bright. A white base is diluted with warm interior textiles and natural materials, except those plants outside the house on the roof. All of that makes the interior very comfortable for the modern living in addition to a refined modern design. Perfect interior!
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Marine interiors from French magazine Maison du Monde

Marine interiors of Maison du Monde - 20

Bord de Mer – another great thematic range of interiors from the French magazine Maison du Monde. It brings together furniture and home accessories, with which it creates an atmosphere of the coastal house interior. Aged wood, pastel shades of blue, turquise accents and images of ships and sea creatures – the interior mind and will bring summer memories of beach holidays!
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Man’s interior in blue and gray tones – holistic apartment with it’s own character!

Male interior in blue and gray tones - 8

Cool colors, rough textures and lack of curtains speak for themselves – this is a true man’s interior. The designer picked the colors of furniture and decoration, so that the apartment looks both stylish and brutal. Blue, gray and brown are dominating colors in this interior. They are assisted by the excellent combination of mustard and red colors together with a trio of bronze, silver and gold.
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House by the sea for those who like contrasts and black interior

House by the sea for lovers of black - 14

the sea is usually chosen for a very light pastel interior of the house, or nearly white colors to the interior are not contrasted with the views from the windows. But the inhabitants of this cottage with a swimming pool on the coast, apparently, very fond of black – living room and kitchen are made almost entirely in that color. Pretty bold, but it should be noted, the interior looks very elegant and luxurious!
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The stylish interior of the house in Miami

The stylish interior of the house in Miami - 12

This stylish snow-white house in Miami incorporates the best of the world: the interior has turned light with splashes of bright southern colors, as well as a very relaxing and adjusts to the good mood. Wow, that is an extension of the house in the outside environment: due to the large windows and the snow-white decoration and furniture in the room a lot of light and pastel colors and bright accents complement the image of the great house at a seaside resort.
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Full of light apartment in Spain with bright colorful accents in the interior

Full of light apartment in Spain

Simple and unpretentious colorful details in the design of the Spanish apartments to create an atmosphere of happy and carefree days. The main advantage of the recently renovated interior – light. Distribution was changed so that each room was at least one window, and white-painted walls act as reflecting surfaces which multiply in natural light. Secondly designers focused on the decor – bright, cheerful colors and colorful retro objects brought into the interior of a special aura. Great!
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A compact but spacious apartment in Gothenburg -

A compact but spacious apartment in Gothenburg - 22

Due to the high ceilings (3.30 m) and large windows, this apartment of 50 square meters doesn’t look that small. The bedroom is separated from the living room and the kitchen with the wall, but not deaf, and with windows in the ceiling edge. Kitchen with high cabinets, which can be reach only by substituting a ladder, place in a secluded corner. The largest area is occupied by a living room with a dining table and a sofa area.  » Read more

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