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Pleasant American interior – a delightful piece of inspiration from Rebecca Tier

Pleasant American interior - 9

This interior is a soul of easy American classic, seasoned in beautiful pastel palette and colorful details – designer Rebecca Tier Soskin deserves praise for this lovely project, in particular for working with color. Great suburban cosy family place!
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Stylish Loft in Barcelona – enjoy grey tones with modern wooden accents.

Stylish Loft in Barcelona - 14

Barcelona is considered one of the most advanced modern cities, interior design is part of that modern culture of this city. Just look at this lovely modern apartment from Drom Living studio, which is located in the Spanish capital. Made popular by all the canons of style loft, but we must pay tribute to the designers, the interior turned unconventional and very stylish. Brick wall, wooden beams, black kitchen fronts – a great job!
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Interiors studio Austrian Bernd Gruber

Interiors studio Austrian Bernd Gruber - 20

The history of Bernd Gruber design studio began in 1993, when its owner inherited the family business – a carpentry shop. It was not enough for the young entrepreneur to produce custom wooden furniture, he wanted to control the entire process of creating the interior. Driven by the desire to create, Bernd soon established a full-fledged interior design studio, which now sells residential and commercial projects from scratch all over Austria. Modern alpine and urban interiors – this is what enriches the portfolio of Bernd Gruber studio!
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Bright penthouse in Spain – antique touch in a modern stylish interior

Bright penthouse in Spain - 18

The task of the designer in this project was to remodel an old interior which didn’t have any character and was boring, into a bright and beautiful full of life stylish apartment. As a result of the small dark rooms made a spacious living room and open kitchen, a unifying element was the large dining table. In addition, a large glass door connects the room with a terrace, accentuating the feeling of spaciousness. » Read more

Cozy Castle in a modern style – a true rich classic american interior

Cozy Castle in a modern style

Proudly and majestically this house is situated on a hill in one of the American states. White stone, roof battlements and huge windows framed in black cast iron – its outline is great… it really looks like a castle. Inside of the castle – the highest standard interior with the mix of black, gray and white color. The decoration of natural materials in the decoration of shiny objects, soft carpets and products made of stone and wood – the same valued hundreds of years ago.
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Grey interior with orange accents in Sweden

Grey interior with orange accents in Sweden - 14

In this case, the gray color does not mean boring and monotony. In a counterpart, this apartment in Stockholm with gray interior shows that grey interiors can be very stylish and comfortable. All shades of gray from gentle mist to wet asphalt color with white “base” were skillfully added to this gorgeous apartment. Orange color and light wood create different bright noticeable accents. Interior of a living room was perfectly combined with adding black and white carpet, and decoration of the bedroom was really unusual with the chandelier and fancy pictures.
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Cool shades of Easy Classics in a small but stylish apartment in Moscow

Easy Classics in the cool shades in Moscow (65 sq. M) - 17

This beautiful classic interior of a small stylish apartment in Moscow is dominated by a pastel palette of various blue shades, and therefore both living room and bedroom breathes a pleasant coolness. It is worth noting that blue skillfully diluted warm beige accents and natural wood floor make this space seem balanced in color. New Russian Living. Great job from a Russian interior designer Helen Simkina!
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Stylish Scandinavian loft (60 sq. M)

Stylish Scandinavian loft (60 sq. M) - 11

Once again we see how stylish, but at the same time very simple can  Scandinavian interior design be. Only necessary and elegant modern furniture, colorful textiles with geometric prints, books and several paintings framed as a decoration, as well as white and black finish of the walls and the floor – in this recipe, it seems, there is nothing difficult. Today See photos beautiful apartment on the top floor in Stockholm!
Source: Behrer
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Family house in New York state – American comfort for children

Family house in upstate New York - 11

A young couple with two children turned to a designer with a controversial goal: to design a house that would be fashionable, but also comfortable for children. Balance was achieved through the skilful use of textures and contrasts. Accents of brass, furs and rugs add a touch of glamor to the interiors. The palette of charcoal and cream hues used throughout, which creates a sense of drama and complexity, while providing a living environment for families.
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Dreamy design of the villa on the island of Capri in Italy


The desire to be closer to the sea and enjoy a sunny break resulted in a family of Geneva, on the wonderful Italian island of Capri, where they were lucky enough to purchase a delightful 19th-century villa. For help in the design of its unique new holiday home owners appealed to the Swiss designer Jorge Canete, who developed a mild and even somewhat dreamy palette of blue, gray and white colors. Elegant and modern design, in which there was a place of wonderful rarity items!
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