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New stylish children room from Australian interior design stydio Little Liberty

New stylish children on Little Liberty - 12

We really admire children rooms from Little Liberty Australian interior design studio! The company is known for its unique style: pastel colors, funny wallpaper, fancy pillows and stylish soft toys. Here’s a good post about this interior design studio and their portfolio with several new children room work.
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Lovely children interiors from Lily Rose Interior design studio

Lovely interiors from Lily Rose Interiors - 12

Inspiration for his work designer Leanne Abraham is primarily in their children. Her interior design studio Lily Rose Interiors was name by the way, by the names of her daughter, specializes in the design of children’s rooms, although sometimes Leanne comes from and for parental bedroom. Simple, easy and very soulful children room design, bright children room decor ideas and good color and pattern wallpaper combinations – this is really a nice portfolio of children room interiors from Lily Rose interior design studio.
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Riot of colors in the children from Te Sack!

Riot of colors in the children from Te Sack

Are you tired of Scandinavian monochrome in children room interiors? Now we want to bring some brightness to the room of your baby… Watch out: the Australian brand Sack Me! They will tell you how! Here’s the perfect formula for a harmonious interior of a child: light pastel walls + bright textiles from Sack Me! + Drawings little genius. A range of products as geometric prints, and very tasty children’s theme – cakes, cookies, candy. Very stylish color combinations will give you inspiration and perhaps a new interior will begin to take shape around baby blanket liked!
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A Perfect room for a Teenager interested in sports!

A perfect room for a teenager interested in sports

When the designer Nicole Gibbons was creating the interior of this room for a 13-year-old Carsten it was necessary to solve a number of important tasks: to have some place for sports equipment (Carsten enjoys playing sports), to carve out a work area for home tasks, show a collection of funny figurines and cups that the young teenager won in various competitions. In addition, it was necessary not to forget about the corner for the video games and a spot where he could get-togethers with friends. In my opinion designer solved all the tasks perfectly!

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10 ideas of bright and colorful kids rooms by Maisons du Monde

bright colorful kids room interior design ideas by maisons-du-monde

It is impossible to imagine a kid’s room, decorated in dark gray colors. It’s great when the rooms in which children live, display the fascinating world of the little man, with his dreams and interests or a little girl with her imagined fairy world. All of that makes Maisons du Monde our favorite store, mixing bright colors with refined French interior style. Fashionable pastel colors prevail in their new children’s collection and it is now retro motifs and of course bizarre forms. There’s said a lot in kids interior design, but still these brilliant pictures of Maisons du Monde kids interiors are full of interesting ideas and combinations! Enjoy watching!

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Tree shaped clothing hangers – 55 best ideas for your hallway and children room

tree shaped clothing hanger

The interest to eco style becomes more and more popular nowadays. Many people buy wooden furniture, herbal fiber wallpaper or natural fabric. Amateurs create decirations from natural materials taken from the street or own garden. And designers are inspired by natural motifs and coming up with original interior elements that affect our imagination in decoration stores.

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A wonder play house for children in the attic.


To have own play house this is a drean of every child. The talented Spanish designer Marta Corsini was also thinking of this for her own daughters. She came up with a very nice creative idea for improvisation on the fairy house. She decided to turn a ​​24 square meter attic into an ideal space for creativity. We admit that she managed this quite well. In this post we will tell what Marta suggests about how to build such a play house in any attic that you have, and how to turn it into a wonderful children’s room. » Read more

How to keep some of children drawings – 27 original ideas for hanging drawings of your children


Have you ever thought why children like drawing and painting so much? Most children like this, but when they grow up, they do it less and less. Most probably that happens because kids are not particularly concerned with whether they do it right or not, and very rarely compare their “artistry” with the others? But as children grow, them more often face with a mass of rules and conventions that claim that everything must be perfect. » Read more

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