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A collection of shells home decor in the interiors of Hollywood homes


Pastel and delicate, this house looks like a museum of Natural History – the owner keeps her collection of seashells, which she started collecting from childhood and now those seashells serve as a home decor. Marine Wealth added wool carpet, which she painted Alexander paints on textiles, and a coffee table, which in the past was an army cot. » Read more

Bungalow with elements of ethno style home decor in Australia


The interior of a bungalow with Ethno style home decor by the sea no longer resembles anything in Sydney that it was built over 50 years ago. Meryl and John completely changed the face of the house with three bedrooms and transformed it into a stylish and authentic space. Simple furniture is perfectly combined with vases, figurines, cushions in ethno style – the wooden floor and white walls are madly all these accessories. Perfect home decor accents with the touch of ethno style in Australian interior.
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Lovely cabins from Jersey Ice Cream Co with rustic furniture

Jersey Ice Cream Co – one of the most unusual interior design studios. Today we’ve decided to present their works dedicated to the rustic furniture and rustic home decor ideas.

few words about the studio itself – it’s not even a full-fledged design studio, but more of a creative and family blowing designer couple – Tara and Percy, who are both designers, and performers. They essentially live in houses which make the repair or alteration, and when after 2-3 months of work is finished, moving into a new house on a new job. It turns out, it is even so! However, the houses in their performance just wonderful.
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Gray apartment in Scandinavian style with photo frames home decor

The apartment is in gray with a glass partition (52 sq. M) - 13

Another example of the Scandinavian style interior, based on the cold white and gray tones with nice photo frame home decor. This Scandinavian apartment has a separate bedroom, glass partition of the space, which recently became very popular and trendy. And in general, everything is very calm and north styled: only furniture, white kitchen, photo frames and posters as part of the wall.
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Beautiful home decor collection A breath of spring from Zara Home

A breath of spring from Zara Home - 29

Zara Home spring-summer season might be still open – you can find and buy products from this collection on the official website. Although the Autumn just started, but we really want to still fill this Spring – Summer mood and fill this freshness and life changing energy. We will now focus on home decor from Zara Home and visual parts of this collection, a new decor, as usual! There are a lot of French motives in this Zara Home Decor Spring-Summer collection. This photo shoot was made in a beautiful stone house, immersed in its own green garden.
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Australian interior stories from Ashley Pratt home decor ideas

Comfortable interesting stories from Ashley Pratt - 15

Australian Decorator Ashley Pratt loves her job: to make out the beautiful interior scenes in the studio to do “the same” single best shot, all apart and come up with new sets – all of these things bring her great pleasure. And when a person is happy, the result of its work can not but admire. Enjoy experiencing some home decor ideas from the portfolio this talented Australian Interior and Home Decorator Ashley Pratt!
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French Style Country House home decor collection by Maisons du Monde

Collection Maison de Campagne by Maisons du Monde - 15

What a good catalog from a French brand Maisons du Monde – true French Style! One of their recent collections is called “Country House” (fr. Maison de Campagne) and is a very beautiful home decor goods for those who likes country style interiors. Here there is a Provencal and Alpine chalet, and ancient manor. In short, in this home decor collection Maison Du Monde collected everything what we love in French Style design and in particular a country house home decor.
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English interior of a loft with interesting decor ideas – Kent, England

Loft with interesting details in England

Today we want to share with you a nice example of how to decorate your house with different home decor items to get a wonderful english style interior. This loft is in Northbourne, Kent, England. The background has typical for the English style black, gray and shades of brown tone, and there is a warm mustard yellow, turquoise active, delicate pink and bright red. A variety of color palette makes this english interior very catchy and special. The perfect role here was played by the bronze, brass and wooden items, which also gave the apartment a certain charm and a loft style - home decor ideas.

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