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Renewing the old chair: 3 DIY tutorial examples of renewing old classic chairs


Have you noticed that in the summer without being able to immediately go on vacation, we still strive for something new? If you cannot change places, let you change your living appearance, even in small ways, but it will bring some nice mood in your daily life.

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Decorating malm and hemens IKEA drawer chests for children room: 2 fantastic ideas of DIY decorations


Unlike adults, children absolutely don’t care of maintenance or any order of their stuff in their rooms. All mothers know that the best way to teach your kid to put stuff in order and have order in the room, is to do it in the form of a game. Here is a great idea for you in this case. Continue reading

Decorative bird cages in the interior, romantic decor ideas.


Decorative bird cages in the interior, romantic decor ideas. Here are some really interesting nice ideas for decor in the interior. Who could imagine that bird cages could look so wonderful? They truly look amazing, and after adding some nice decor touch to those old bird cages, they make your interior look unique and unusual. Continue reading

DIY – interesting idea for the tea table


DIY – interesting idea for the tea table
Are you fond of doing something with your own hands? This is a nice both decoration and useful idea for your interior. This table looks really unique, of course, because it was done by yourself. Just simply find 4 boxes, one panel of fiberboard and you will be able to create such a nice looking and really unique, as a decoration, tea table for your interior. Continue reading

Decorating home with ethnic wicket dishes and bowls – adding tones of eco style to your interior


Many ethnic interior decorations, which nowadays chasing a lot of eco-style lovers, have really exotic origins. They come mostly from South-East Asia and Africa. The reason is simple. In those countries grow the most suitable tropical plants for such ethnic house hold items. The craft using those materials has become a national crafts and manual labor is still very cheap in African countries. Continue reading