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Timeless Country – a new interior decor collection by Laura Ashley

Timeless Country - a new interior by Laura Ashley - 11

Have you ever thought about filling your home with fresh spring and summer colors? Here in the collection from Laura Ashley we put together ideas for all the new interior collection called Timeless Country. This interior style and home decor trend is filled with rich colors of nature, which is emphasized on all interior elements. This is a unique game of daylight, which creates a feeling of a summer garden.
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Fresh from the Ralph Lauren Home – a wonderful home decor collection

Fresh from the Ralph Lauren Home - 19

Ralph Lauren Home – is refinement in every detail, this perfect style from one of the best contemporary designers. The company is constantly releasing interesting thematic collections, but one thing remains unchanged – a unique and unmistakable design with a slight taste of luxury and glamor. Today we look beautiful images of the most recent collections of Ralph Lauren Home!
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Pastel Inspiration in Scandinavian style – from Australian design company Norsu

Scandinavian pastel color living room

Today we are happy to share the wonderful new collection of photographs of a young Australian company Norsu. This company was created by two ordinary housewives from Victoria state, who once met during “Young Moms” training, where they realized that they both adore Scandinavian design. That is how was this beautiful Australian Store born. Now they are selling Scandinavian decor and furniture. Their credo is – “bringing greater Scandinavian style in Australian homes.” By the way, the name is translated from Finnish as “elephant”. Enjoy your inspiration!

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12 unbelievably creative stairs decor ideas which will blow your mind!

Interesting creative stairs design

Most of our homes have stairs. If you are on the stage of designing a new house, in such a case, you can do whatever you want: from design and shape – to individual elements. But most of the time we buy house with already pre-designed stairs,in this case we can use imagination inspired by various decorative techniques. And this gallery of creative stairs decoration ideas will help you to change mood in your house.

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