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Beautiful townhouse interior design in London creative interior design

Beautiful design in London - 9

This  townhouse interior is a wonderful creative interior of a house in London created by a talented interior design studio. Details here touch your life and your soul. How do you like this light-stand-statue, a tribute to the Venetian tradition of sculpture? Or bright yellow ceiling lamp in the expressionism style? Vintage furniture, vintage mirrors, vintage wardrobes which harmoniously coexist with outright kitsch (a huge painting of a girl on a background of chalk entries). Cell as in the fairy tale “The Nightingale and the Rose” and here in the bedroom wall graffiti! Combinations of surprise, amaze and fascinate. Against the background of the walls and ceilings of milk every object is seen even more clearly. Playing with different time and cultural- basic principle of design. Interior for intelligent persons, free from stereotypes.

Creative interior by London interior design studio, Vintage Furniture in a nice modern townhouse.
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Bright Portfolio of a creative interior design photographer Patrick Johansson

Bright photographer Patrick Johansson portfolio - 32

Photographer Parick Johansson believes daylight is the best condition for filming, so practically he does not use flash, he adores the small island of Fårö Sweden in the Baltic Sea and in his spare time playing football with his son. Although he calls himself a simple village boy, his talent as a photographer of the interior is not in doubt, just look at his portfolio! Creative design, Creative interiors and a very modern interior design! This is an amazing portfolio.
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Loft with wooden beams in Stockholm – interior creative design

Loft with wooden beams in Stockholm - 17

Chip creative design interior Bright loft in Stockholm are, of course, the massive wooden beams on the ceiling and walls. The spacious open plan living wound they thought about a cozy rustic cottage somewhere in the quiet province. Further reinforces this feeling of black wood burning stove and abundant vegetation bedroom. By the way, two-level apartment – living room with kitchen is located under the roof and a bedroom and bathroom – the floor below.
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Forest, lake and serenity

Forest, lake and serenity

In the state of Montana in the forest, and at the same time at the edge of the lake is located here such a wonderful modern house. Large windows, which seemed to float above the ground, and the room filled with light and air. Exterior finish is made of aged wood, which creates a feeling as if the house is already a hundred years here. Interior finish – it is a combination of natural wood in different shades. Furniture and accessories are very practical and simple: a lot of chairs and seating areas, wooden decor and items in a typical rustic style: paddle, timber, natural stones. At some distance from the house is located near the pier master workshop, placed in the same area “gatherings around the campfire” and a table with a canopy for cozy summer dinners. House embodies the island of tranquility and serenity in the midst of nature, in a place you can relax and forget about everything!
Source: PearsonDesignGroup
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Inspiring Eco – panels of greenery on the walls in a small flat

greenery eco panels on the walls amazing interior of a small flat

This is a really unusual creative idea for such a stylish and modern apartment. We came across this idea and with real pleasure share a gallery of photos of this such astonishing Eco interior. The designers created a really comfortable and ergonomic living space with modern art. This is a true urban flat, having numerous large windows in a living room with breathtaking views of the crowded city.

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12 unbelievably creative stairs decor ideas which will blow your mind!

Interesting creative stairs design

Most of our homes have stairs. If you are on the stage of designing a new house, in such a case, you can do whatever you want: from design and shape – to individual elements. But most of the time we buy house with already pre-designed stairs,in this case we can use imagination inspired by various decorative techniques. And this gallery of creative stairs decoration ideas will help you to change mood in your house.

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Tree shaped clothing hangers – 55 best ideas for your hallway and children room

tree shaped clothing hanger

The interest to eco style becomes more and more popular nowadays. Many people buy wooden furniture, herbal fiber wallpaper or natural fabric. Amateurs create decirations from natural materials taken from the street or own garden. And designers are inspired by natural motifs and coming up with original interior elements that affect our imagination in decoration stores.

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How to keep some of children drawings – 27 original ideas for hanging drawings of your children


Have you ever thought why children like drawing and painting so much? Most children like this, but when they grow up, they do it less and less. Most probably that happens because kids are not particularly concerned with whether they do it right or not, and very rarely compare their “artistry” with the others? But as children grow, them more often face with a mass of rules and conventions that claim that everything must be perfect. » Read more

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