How to paint doors and windows – skillful brushwork tutorial for doors and windows from professionals

how to paint doors and windowsThe paint protecting your doors and windows has a tough and important job to do. It must endure hostile weather, punishing wear, and up-close scrutiny every day. Paint made for doors and windows used to be judged by how much lead it contained—the more lead, the better. These coatings worked great. The heavy metal helped the paint to stick and to move seasonally. As is well known now, however, lead is toxic and is especially dangerous to kids. For this reason, lead has been banned from household paint since 1978.

Old doors and windows generally have high concentrations of lead paint, so it’s important to protect yourself and any children who live in the house by working lead safe. This means containing and collecting dust and chips and minimizing airborne particles. Wear a good particle mask when scraping and sanding, and use a HEPA vacuum. Thoroughly clean up the work area every day, and change your clothes before playing with the kids.

Here are steps for painting doors and windows

1. Key Preparations before painting doors and windows
2. Choosing Paint and The Right Equipment for painting doors and windows. Starting the Paintwork
3. The Right Order for painting doors
4. The Right Order for painting windows: one sash at a time