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The sophisticated design from JWS Interior design studio


This interiors is created by the remarkable American JWS Interior Design Studio, so much tenderness, delicacy and femininity! Pink, purple and other subtle shades in textiles and decor found in almost every project of this interior design studio, thus JWS created a very pleasant and light mood in this particular residential interior design. The Founder of this interior design studio, Jennifer Wagner Schmidt, she claims that the inspiration for her works is the world of fashion, abstract art, Hollywood glamor, luxury travel, and other celebrity filled areas of our life. This interior design represents a really beautiful fresh perspective on the mix of American style, modern interior design and classic interior decor.
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Nice american style classic interior in beige tones in Texas

Classic in beige tones in Texas - 21

The whole style of the house in Austin, Texas, sustained in a beige and sandy colors. Natural color composition is complemented by natural materials in the interior and very harmonious combined with wicker, linen and wood. The designer of this interior managed  without the innovative ideas and focused on an American style classic interior – an abundance of furniture, pastel colors, wide baseboards, ceiling and large windows. There’s also a little “natural” echo in the furniture style: dried flowers in pots, wooden pots, pottery, bronze and gold detail of elegance. Interior designer decided to make children’s rooms pastel and tender, and to make it not too boring for the kids the interior decor was complemented with orange accents. This mansion is a beautiful example of a traditional American home for a large family, with the respectful american style and comfort of a classic interior.
Designed by interior design studio of Marie Flanigan.
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American Style House in New York with a spacious backyard and pond

House in the United States with a spacious backyard and pond - 10

The main advantage of this house is it’s advanced age. This small house in New York, USA, is more than a hundred years old. During the reconstruction of the interior designer Shawn Henderson decided not to overload the interior with modern elements, and to focus on its architectural heritage and magnificent surroundings – just a few pieces of furniture, but at the expense of white-beamed ceilings a lot of air, and from the windows without curtains overlooking the spacious backyard .
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The house surrounded by vineyards – american style wooden interior

The house is surrounded by vineyards

Not far from the coast of the state of Massachusetts is a small island with an interesting name – Martha’s Vineyard (Martha’s Vineyard). It was here among the grape fields, lies this exquisite mansion. The main colors of the interior – a combination of white, beige and brown, complemented by parts olive and blue. At first it seems that the character of the house resembles the venerable gentleman, who loves the classics and refinement. Beautiful wooden interior of american style. This is a good example of classic usa interior. » Read more

Modern residence in New Jersey – white and wood, perfect combination.

Modern residence in New Jersey - 14

Located in New Jersey, this american style modern two-storied house was designed in 2014 by the LDa Architecture & Interiors Design studio. The initial idea was to build a traditional house of this region with a modern interior, house exterior, which will fit perfectly into the surrounding landscape and that will be ok to live comfortably. We invite you to evaluate how the designers managed to embody this idea!
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The stylish interior of the house in Miami

The stylish interior of the house in Miami - 12

This stylish snow-white house in Miami incorporates the best of the world: the interior has turned light with splashes of bright southern colors, as well as a very relaxing and adjusts to the good mood. Wow, that is an extension of the house in the outside environment: due to the large windows and the snow-white decoration and furniture in the room a lot of light and pastel colors and bright accents complement the image of the great house at a seaside resort.
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Cozy Castle in a modern style – a true rich classic american interior

Cozy Castle in a modern style

Proudly and majestically this house is situated on a hill in one of the American states. White stone, roof battlements and huge windows framed in black cast iron – its outline is great… it really looks like a castle. Inside of the castle – the highest standard interior with the mix of black, gray and white color. The decoration of natural materials in the decoration of shiny objects, soft carpets and products made of stone and wood – the same valued hundreds of years ago.
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