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Freestanding Stone Tub – the Aristocratic piece in your bathroom!

Freestanding Stone Tub - the Aristocratic piece in your bathroom

Large space, beautiful shape and foam bath pleasure in stone tub of a Roman patricians and the French kings… Stone bathtub returns from ancient times, but now it has become refined, perfect shapes and modern quality – an aristocratic piece in your home.
AQUATICA brand, which decorates the best homes and hotels in the US and Europe for more than 12 years . Each model is designed by world-famous designers and is made by hand from the best materials by a unique patented formula.

These standalone tubs are made of artificial stone – which is a feature of the invention, a new chapter in the book of technologies of the XXI century.
This artificial stone material is endowed with unique qualities – does not absorb odors, leaves no residue when cleaning, fire and heat-resistant, has solid and heavy-duty structure, hygienic and can be used in contact with food. It is also eco-friendly (well recyclable).

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