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Black and white strict Swedish minimalistic interior for a true man


Black-and-white palette, the severity of lines and minimalistic interior design – this is everything what a lonely young man can dream of, when it comes to the urban life! This interior in Stockholm has it’s Swedish interior breath, and besides of that it completely fits the definition of “male” in the modern sense. Especially eye catching is the black and white open kitchen – the contrast of the upper and lower fronts diluted gray apron and stylish wooden kitchenware. It’s a very decent interior overall. It’s definitely a true Swedish interior with it’s common minimalistic style and calm grey, black and white color tones. Everything is well thought-out and good organized, no extra or unneeded home decor or details, everything is functional.
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French style elegant and modern interior design apartment in Paris

Elegant, modern apartment for family in Paris - 20

This modern Paris apartment has everything: great style, the latest modern interior design techniques and hints of historical classics, black and white contrasts and retro details. Even brick wall here looks like something fresh and not at all trivial. In short, the apartment is just a feast for the eyes! True French style interior with a touch of classics becomes like an eclectic masterpiece. Elegant and modern interior design in Paris always attracts magazines and photographers. We can get a lot of inspiration from this French interior design apartment – very modern and unique.
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Small but stylish black and white interior apartment with red accents

Apartment with red accents in Kiev (56 sq. M) - 17

Due to red accents, this minimalistic interior black and white apartment of a girls really has it’s own character and individuality. Red color is very brave and not very popular among interior designers, but in the interior it looks very modern, it does not strain the eyes, in this black and white interior this red color is used very wisely. Overall, this minimalistic interior of a small apartment leave a pleasant and holistic impression, especially taking into the account it’s small 590 square feet. This apartment has a very rational and well thought-out minimalistic interior design with a lot of interesting small space solutions.
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Amother Australian interior – Black and White with bright color accents

The interior with gray walls in Australia - 9

Black color and vibrant prints – a simple formula of this stylish and unusual interior in Australia. Many people are afraid to paint the walls in black and use a black furniture, but if the windows offer plenty of natural light, you can safely pick up this idea. By contrast with other elements of decor, very interesting black sparkle in a residential area.
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Excellent kitchen in dark tones – perfect stylish classics

Excellent cuisine in dark tones

Surprisingly, the dark facades and deep color of the walls in this wonderful kitchen in one of their London’s townhouse is not annoying and not “pushy”. On the contrary, there reigns calm and poise. There’s a great arched window framed with white in the center of this kitchen looking outside on a garden – nice view, green garden colors add live to this interior. » Read more

House by the sea for those who like contrasts and black interior

House by the sea for lovers of black - 14

the sea is usually chosen for a very light pastel interior of the house, or nearly white colors to the interior are not contrasted with the views from the windows. But the inhabitants of this cottage with a swimming pool on the coast, apparently, very fond of black – living room and kitchen are made almost entirely in that color. Pretty bold, but it should be noted, the interior looks very elegant and luxurious!
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