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New Year’s and Christmas Palette: juicy red – 50 decor ideas!


Bright red color in the interior always attracts attention and creates a sense of celebration, even on ordinary days. A New Year’s Eve and Christmas are never complete without it’s participation, in any shape or form, at least in details. After all, it is the color of the “good wizard” that brings Christmas gifts .

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Christmas Star. Beautyful Poinsettia Plant and how to decorate with it.


Favorite symbol of Christmas in Europe and America is Poinsettia Plant. Different from other indoor plants it is unusual in appearance and has a beautiful legend. In this gallery, we have gathered a few fantastic ideas on how to decorate the house for the New Year with this spectacular and popular plant. Here are 32 photos with ideas, tips andcomments.

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Magic winter forest. The rules of using decorative branches as a part of Christmas decor.


Some people prefere to use bright and traditional decorations in ther interior during New Year holidays, while others are able to stand out by being original. For example, you might recall your long-standing passion for minimalism and eco- style. Don’t worry, even if you were unable to used this style in your house, you can still apply it to your holiday decor.

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