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The good old classic interior from Parker and Company interior design studio

The works by Parker & Company, the American interior design studio look exactly like if they were made by the fans of the good old classics. It is a simple and very sincere classic interior with a gentle touch of antique bagatelles as decor, with beautiful elegant wooden furniture that was unbelievably fashionable for many years but a long time ago. This house really has a great atmosphere of timeless being.
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Luxury historic 19th century mansion classic interior in London

Rose Uniacke's home in London

From the grandeur of this luxury mansion classic interior in London takes your breath away! built house of the 19th century was once the residence of the famous artist, here housed his studio and gallery. Interestingly, even the structure was partially damaged during a bombing in World War II. Before designer Rose Uniacke task was to preserve the existing structure of the building and restore the original elements of interior design – in short, to restore its former glory. For these purposes, the work had attracted the best artists who used traditional techniques of restoration. Indeed, the design team was able to return to this magnificent house of his soul!
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Great classic interior in Moscow


This is just the very infrequent case where luxurious, rich classics performed by interior designers does not look vulgar and tasteless. Even the gold surface and expensive materials are not present here in order to show the customer an unlimited budget, but to harmoniously complete the elegant and slightly museum (in a good way), the classic style of the interior. Sophisticated forms, beautiful art, great moldings – really high-quality and very interesting work of the interior designer.
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The sophisticated design from JWS Interior design studio


This interiors is created by the remarkable American JWS Interior Design Studio, so much tenderness, delicacy and femininity! Pink, purple and other subtle shades in textiles and decor found in almost every project of this interior design studio, thus JWS created a very pleasant and light mood in this particular residential interior design. The Founder of this interior design studio, Jennifer Wagner Schmidt, she claims that the inspiration for her works is the world of fashion, abstract art, Hollywood glamor, luxury travel, and other celebrity filled areas of our life. This interior design represents a really beautiful fresh perspective on the mix of American style, modern interior design and classic interior decor.
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Nice american style classic interior in beige tones in Texas

Classic in beige tones in Texas - 21

The whole style of the house in Austin, Texas, sustained in a beige and sandy colors. Natural color composition is complemented by natural materials in the interior and very harmonious combined with wicker, linen and wood. The designer of this interior managed  without the innovative ideas and focused on an American style classic interior – an abundance of furniture, pastel colors, wide baseboards, ceiling and large windows. There’s also a little “natural” echo in the furniture style: dried flowers in pots, wooden pots, pottery, bronze and gold detail of elegance. Interior designer decided to make children’s rooms pastel and tender, and to make it not too boring for the kids the interior decor was complemented with orange accents. This mansion is a beautiful example of a traditional American home for a large family, with the respectful american style and comfort of a classic interior.
Designed by interior design studio of Marie Flanigan.
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Classic interior of a townhouse in Montreal in dark colors

Classic interior in dark colors - 11

This charming L-shaped townhouse in Montreal was built in 1923. Now the house is quite modern, but still a very elegant classical interior atmosphere reigns in it, which ideally combines functionality and beauty. The main components of the interior design are carpets, paintings and fine furniture in the style of Louis XVI. A dramatic dark tones and gold this design details are added touch of luxury to this classic interior.
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Beautiful classic luxury suburban interior from Russia.

Beautiful house in the suburbs

When you look at this classic interior of the suburban house in the suburban cottage, you know what it means serenity and peace. It’s all very easy and beautiful, harmony is felt even through the photos. Natural materials and colors rule the ball in the house, colors and general atmosphere is set to a warm, soulful rest in a circle of relatives of people.

Classic luxury furniture, calm pastel colors, pleasant wall texture and classic interior decor – everything makes this charming interior so wonderful, beautiful and relaxing.
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Excellent kitchen in dark tones – perfect stylish classics

Excellent cuisine in dark tones

Surprisingly, the dark facades and deep color of the walls in this wonderful kitchen in one of their London’s townhouse is not annoying and not “pushy”. On the contrary, there reigns calm and poise. There’s a great arched window framed with white in the center of this kitchen looking outside on a garden – nice view, green garden colors add live to this interior. » Read more

The stylish interior of the house in Miami

The stylish interior of the house in Miami - 12

This stylish snow-white house in Miami incorporates the best of the world: the interior has turned light with splashes of bright southern colors, as well as a very relaxing and adjusts to the good mood. Wow, that is an extension of the house in the outside environment: due to the large windows and the snow-white decoration and furniture in the room a lot of light and pastel colors and bright accents complement the image of the great house at a seaside resort.
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Beautiful classic spacious home in the United States

Beautiful classic spacious home in the United States

The classic facade of the house owners in the United States inspired the creation of the same elegant and rather austere interior. Color solution built on contrasts: black walls and white door, gray textiles and light walls, or, conversely, dark curtains and pillows and white furniture. “Base” complemented the brown furniture and yellow and purple accents. The house has a lot of mirrors and objects of silver and metal, as well as dizayer added a lot of different prints and fabrics that will certainly dilute the strict classics. This balance between restraint and relaxation needs all kinds of interiors, because it is in such harmony is born truth.
Source: Chango
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