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Interior of a suburban house nice combination of modern and european classics

Beautiful interior of a house in the suburbs - 8

This country house in the suburbs is a suburban house of three generations of the same family, so the interior was to be connecting factor, where all family members would fill cozy and comfortable. The choice fell on a beautiful European interior classics, pleasant, easy, but at the same time with an interesting color scheme of unusual shades. Very elegant and cozy!
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Reconstruction of a country house in Australia – modern vivid interior

Reconstruction of a country house in Australia - 9

This modern country house in located in the suburbs of Melbourne, Australia. It’s interior has been recently renovated by the interior design studio Canny Design, is a prime example of light and comfortable minimalistic interior design. The main feature of this Australian interior after the reconstruction began is sliding glass doors and windows to the full height of the walls.

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Sunny country style interior with views of the mountains in Spain

Sunny interior with views of the mountains - 12

What is the recipe for a successful reconstruction of the house? Enlarge window and doors, make maximum of open space – that’s exactly what  Spanish designers will tell you. Especially when the windows are opened to such a wonderful views of the mountains! This country house looks really relaxing and country style reunites with the beauty and amplitude of the mountain view. Pastel colors make this interior tender and beautiful, and the window are fantastic.
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French Style Country House home decor collection by Maisons du Monde

Collection Maison de Campagne by Maisons du Monde - 15

What a good catalog from a French brand Maisons du Monde – true French Style! One of their recent collections is called “Country House” (fr. Maison de Campagne) and is a very beautiful home decor goods for those who likes country style interiors. Here there is a Provencal and Alpine chalet, and ancient manor. In short, in this home decor collection Maison Du Monde collected everything what we love in French Style design and in particular a country house home decor.
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Bright apartment in the leafy suburb of Stockholm – Swedish style white interior!

Bright apartment in the leafy suburb of StockholmBright apartment in the leafy suburb of Stockholm

Today we have a beautiful apartment from a Swedish country living. It has all the same features of traditional Scandinavian interior, but outside there are not office buildings and crowded cafes but a quiet picturesque forest. Excellent inexpensive option for those who wants to escape from the bisy city life!
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Gorgeous blue interior of the coastal house on Mediterranean Sea in Greece

Blue interior of the blue Mediterranean Sea - 7

The blue sea and gorgeous look of the Mediterranean coast have always inspired to create light and bright interiors. This house in Greece is a true synonym of the sea, the same blue and inviting. Along the Mediterranean coast, you can meet a lot of blue and white houses with charming shutters and interior decoration, most likely each of them is unique. Yes, white and blue theme, wood and ceramics, you will see it everywhere, but each owner adds his or her own mood to every house.
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A fresh look at the interior of a traditional country house in the US

A fresh look at the interior of a traditional country house in the US - 9

The project of this house in Massachusetts has been both challenging and interesting. A family of five people wanted their new home look more open, modern, and comfortable for living. This eclectic and colorful interior is very near to a family comfort. Designers have decided to use the items in rustic style and a variety of expensive materials such as bronze, oak and marble. In general this interior received an overall style of elegance and refined look.
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