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Interesting book shelves ideas for your interior


Everyone has some books in the house. Why not store them in some really unusual way? Here we collected some really interesting ideas for book shelves in interior. And these book shelves are not only book shelves, but also they are really creative and unique home decorations!

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Like reading books, don’t have a place to read? Here are some ideas for a place to read.


Like reading books, but don’t have a place to read in your apartment? Here are some ideas for a place to read.

I am pretty sure that classic books will always be popular among book lovers. Although nowadays people became more pragmatic and yes it is convenient having e-book and carrying hundreds of books in one device, but you still normal books are popular and a lot of people like to keep ordinary books at home, store them somewhere near their place to read, whether it’s an armchair or a bed, but it is the place where they usually read their books. » Read more