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Eclectic interior from the designer of clothes in Barcelona

The interior in the style of eclecticism for designer clothes - 20

Barcelona’s Sarria-Sant Gervasi Green and calm area has always attracted the owner of the apartment – he dreamed of one day to buy an apartment here. And no wonder, because this area is considered one of the most prestigious and beautiful, largely due to its location on a hill, offering a unique view of the city. The designer of this interior Cristina Rodriguez has created for the customer, designer clothing, interior design in eclectic interior style, in which the clash between East and West, antiques, furniture from the 70s and fancy lighting of the future.
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Gorgeous blue interior of the coastal house on Mediterranean Sea in Greece

Blue interior of the blue Mediterranean Sea - 7

The blue sea and gorgeous look of the Mediterranean coast have always inspired to create light and bright interiors. This house in Greece is a true synonym of the sea, the same blue and inviting. Along the Mediterranean coast, you can meet a lot of blue and white houses with charming shutters and interior decoration, most likely each of them is unique. Yes, white and blue theme, wood and ceramics, you will see it everywhere, but each owner adds his or her own mood to every house.
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A fresh look at the interior of a traditional country house in the US

A fresh look at the interior of a traditional country house in the US - 9

The project of this house in Massachusetts has been both challenging and interesting. A family of five people wanted their new home look more open, modern, and comfortable for living. This eclectic and colorful interior is very near to a family comfort. Designers have decided to use the items in rustic style and a variety of expensive materials such as bronze, oak and marble. In general this interior received an overall style of elegance and refined look.
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Modern eclecticism for townhouse in Chicago

Modern eclecticism for townhouse in Chicago4

This juicy, emotional design is designed for townhouse in Chicago. Modernity is felt here in all. Since the mixing of styles, which is expressed primarily in the combination of simple things (a pile of firewood, a bike on the wall) and grace (fireplace in the Renaissance style, with stucco, exquisite lamps in the living room and dining room). And finishing richness, originality tones and shades, which seem in themselves are a piece of furniture. Sky-blue, blue-green, milk, raspberry, mocha and graphite – the most relevant combination of modernity. Virtuosity designer is that the classical form (sofas and chairs filled with retro and classic), he put such a bold, beautiful colors. This is a real find. The interior is very fresh, alive and causes a storm of positive emotions. It is designed for those who see in the new normal, looking for fresh ideas in everyday life.
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