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Modern interior of the remodeled house in London in English style


Today we want to draw your attention to a lovely remodeled interior of a Victorian house in London in English style. This modern interior design of the townhouse intertwined several styles that are usually not so easy to properly combine together. Modern furniture with unusual shapes, bright paintings, bold prints make up part of a modern interior. At the same time ceiling moldings, parquet and marble fireplace – a tribute to the magnificent English style traditions. The skillful work of the designer gave us an unusually beautiful interior!
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Holidays with taste by the lake ‘The Lakes by Yoo’ english style Hotel

Holidays by the lake with taste - Hotel The Lakes by Llc - 26

This very unusual and stylish The Lakes by Yoo hotel was recently built just 90 minutes from the bustling London among a beautiful nature reserve close to the picturesque quiet lake. This oasis of tranquility and style is a series of modern villas placed directly at the water with glass walls and interiors by the best British designers. It boasts a luxurious spa complex, several restaurants and a kids club. This is a true relaxing luxury of a fascinating English style interiors
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English interior of a loft with interesting decor ideas – Kent, England

Loft with interesting details in England

Today we want to share with you a nice example of how to decorate your house with different home decor items to get a wonderful english style interior. This loft is in Northbourne, Kent, England. The background has typical for the English style black, gray and shades of brown tone, and there is a warm mustard yellow, turquoise active, delicate pink and bright red. A variety of color palette makes this english interior very catchy and special. The perfect role here was played by the bronze, brass and wooden items, which also gave the apartment a certain charm and a loft style - home decor ideas.

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