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French style elegant and modern interior design apartment in Paris

Elegant, modern apartment for family in Paris - 20

This modern Paris apartment has everything: great style, the latest modern interior design techniques and hints of historical classics, black and white contrasts and retro details. Even brick wall here looks like something fresh and not at all trivial. In short, the apartment is just a feast for the eyes! True French style interior with a touch of classics becomes like an eclectic masterpiece. Elegant and modern interior design in Paris always attracts magazines and photographers. We can get a lot of inspiration from this French interior design apartment – very modern and unique.
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French style wooden interior of Ascetic chalet in France

Ascetic chalet in France - 8

By using the word chalets we wanted to emphasize a huge house where wooden beams contrast with exquisite luxury fittings, spacious living rooms with a lot of open space and massive interior. But this work of the talented American-french interior designer Marianne Tiegen differs from the usual chalet interior design. And it is different in the first touchdown. It is a small house, very close to our cozy rooms. There are no large-scale spaces and high ceilings. This house is similar to the one which can be constructed at a tolerable budget – only simple natural materials were used in the decoration: linen textiles in warm colors, lots of wood and stone. Particular attention should be paid to the bathroom: a hidden plumbing, plaster walls and worn frame – and it seems like we appeared to be in a different time and space…
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French style interior of a delicate flat in France with vintage furniture and decor

Delicate flat in France - 11

This wonderful apartment in Lyon is fully soaked by a French flavor. This French style interior is fascinating. Beautiful historical details, stucco, moldings, high windows and hardwood floors – luxury vintage furniture and vintage decor elements are in nice contrast with the almost neutral palette and simple modern furnishings. And the whole apartment looks as if in a slight touch of patina, which creates a bit of a romantic and welcoming atmosphere.
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Hotel Henriette – a Stylish small hotel in Paris – french style interior

Stylish small hotel in Paris Hotel Henriette - 33

Henriette Hotel a small french style interior hotel offers a complete set of all the charms of residence in the atmospheric small hotel in the most romantic city in the world Paris. It is situated in a quiet historic area of Paris. This beautiful hotel has an astonishing privacy (only 30 rooms) and lovely interior garden, and the most important, interesting and stylish modern design.
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Paris elegance with a modern interior design edge – True French Style!

Parisian elegance with a modern edge - 14

Here’s a juicy design that causes a lot of emotion, was developed by the interior design studio from Paris. French style chic, elegance and charm – these three words form the basis of a new concept of design solutions in modern interior design. However, there is a note of the call. Bright, deep, very original colors used in the interior, this small revolution, a dispute with the generally accepted notion of French culture.  » Read more

French Style Country House home decor collection by Maisons du Monde

Collection Maison de Campagne by Maisons du Monde - 15

What a good catalog from a French brand Maisons du Monde – true French Style! One of their recent collections is called “Country House” (fr. Maison de Campagne) and is a very beautiful home decor goods for those who likes country style interiors. Here there is a Provencal and Alpine chalet, and ancient manor. In short, in this home decor collection Maison Du Monde collected everything what we love in French Style design and in particular a country house home decor.
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Marine interiors from French magazine Maison du Monde

Marine interiors of Maison du Monde - 20

Bord de Mer – another great thematic range of interiors from the French magazine Maison du Monde. It brings together furniture and home accessories, with which it creates an atmosphere of the coastal house interior. Aged wood, pastel shades of blue, turquise accents and images of ships and sea creatures – the interior mind and will bring summer memories of beach holidays!
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Collection Maison de Campagne by Maisons du Monde

Collection Maison de Campagne by Maisons du Monde6

What a good catalog French brand Maisons du Monde! One of their recent collection is called “Country House” (fr. Maison de Campagne) and is a very beautiful home goods for lovers of country interiors. Here there is a Provencal and Alpine chalet, and ancient manor. In short, everything what we love French Country design. Enjoy your inspiration!
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