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The good old classic interior from Parker and Company interior design studio

The works by Parker & Company, the American interior design studio look exactly like if they were made by the fans of the good old classics. It is a simple and very sincere classic interior with a gentle touch of antique bagatelles as decor, with beautiful elegant wooden furniture that was unbelievably fashionable for many years but a long time ago. This house really has a great atmosphere of timeless being.
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Lovely cabins from Jersey Ice Cream Co with rustic furniture

Jersey Ice Cream Co – one of the most unusual interior design studios. Today we’ve decided to present their works dedicated to the rustic furniture and rustic home decor ideas.

few words about the studio itself – it’s not even a full-fledged design studio, but more of a creative and family blowing designer couple – Tara and Percy, who are both designers, and performers. They essentially live in houses which make the repair or alteration, and when after 2-3 months of work is finished, moving into a new house on a new job. It turns out, it is even so! However, the houses in their performance just wonderful.
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The sophisticated design from JWS Interior design studio


This interiors is created by the remarkable American JWS Interior Design Studio, so much tenderness, delicacy and femininity! Pink, purple and other subtle shades in textiles and decor found in almost every project of this interior design studio, thus JWS created a very pleasant and light mood in this particular residential interior design. The Founder of this interior design studio, Jennifer Wagner Schmidt, she claims that the inspiration for her works is the world of fashion, abstract art, Hollywood glamor, luxury travel, and other celebrity filled areas of our life. This interior design represents a really beautiful fresh perspective on the mix of American style, modern interior design and classic interior decor.
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Nice american style classic interior in beige tones in Texas

Classic in beige tones in Texas - 21

The whole style of the house in Austin, Texas, sustained in a beige and sandy colors. Natural color composition is complemented by natural materials in the interior and very harmonious combined with wicker, linen and wood. The designer of this interior managed  without the innovative ideas and focused on an American style classic interior – an abundance of furniture, pastel colors, wide baseboards, ceiling and large windows. There’s also a little “natural” echo in the furniture style: dried flowers in pots, wooden pots, pottery, bronze and gold detail of elegance. Interior designer decided to make children’s rooms pastel and tender, and to make it not too boring for the kids the interior decor was complemented with orange accents. This mansion is a beautiful example of a traditional American home for a large family, with the respectful american style and comfort of a classic interior.
Designed by interior design studio of Marie Flanigan.
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Fabulous Style Townhouse in New York City

Fabulous Townhouse in New York City - 11

This fabulous Townhouse in New York is designed by the Kevin Darkan Architect and interior design studio, striking in every detail, and demonstrates a very precise definition of luxury in our time. The basis, of course, the American vision of design with its usual mix of very different cultures “in one bottle.” Sophisticated ceiling structures evoke thoughts of the loft, wooden beams – a chalet decor and partially containing elements of ethnic style.

Nice modern New York Style interior. Townhouse interior. The Kevin Dark Architect and interior design studio.
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The portfolio of Nicola Omara interior design studio

Nicola O'mara - 18

Nicola O’mara founded the interior design studio of the same name on the west coast of England, which draws inspiration for their projects in a beautiful local landscapes, picturesque rocky shores and in the vast ocean. But her projects scattered across Europe: from luxury chalet in the Alps to the private interiors in eastern Europe. For some of her work Nicola even won awards at prestigious international competitions. Today we have the best of her portfolio!
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Beautiful townhouse interior design in London creative interior design

Beautiful design in London - 9

This  townhouse interior is a wonderful creative interior of a house in London created by a talented interior design studio. Details here touch your life and your soul. How do you like this light-stand-statue, a tribute to the Venetian tradition of sculpture? Or bright yellow ceiling lamp in the expressionism style? Vintage furniture, vintage mirrors, vintage wardrobes which harmoniously coexist with outright kitsch (a huge painting of a girl on a background of chalk entries). Cell as in the fairy tale “The Nightingale and the Rose” and here in the bedroom wall graffiti! Combinations of surprise, amaze and fascinate. Against the background of the walls and ceilings of milk every object is seen even more clearly. Playing with different time and cultural- basic principle of design. Interior for intelligent persons, free from stereotypes.

Creative interior by London interior design studio, Vintage Furniture in a nice modern townhouse.
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Bright design by interior design Studio DB small space solutions

Bright design by Studio JB - 19

To describe the studio interiors from New York interior design Studio DB in three words, it would be: light, bright and creative. Designers are bold in their ideas and are not afraid of color splashes and expressive textures. The company’s portfolio is not only spacious apartments and houses, but small space solutions for small apartments, so a couple of useful solutions for themselves will be able to learn, perhaps each. New York Style. Interior design Studio.
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Industrial Loft interior with a huge terrace in Salt Lake City

Industrial Loft with a huge terrace in Salt Lake City - 17

When this interior design Studio City Home Collective took up the reconstruction of this once industrial, and today a magnificent house in the heart of Salt Lake City, the problem was reduced to a simple – to return to the former industrial character of the loft interior. The brick building was built in 1925 for the automotive company, but not so long ago it was converted for private accommodation. Great work from this interior design studio.
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House in the mountains of by talented interior designer Marianne Tigeneh

House in the mountains of talented Marianne Tigeneh - 10

Each interior designer will confirm that lighting plays a key role in any interior design. This chalet by a wonderful interior designer Marianne Teigen has this natural light and has it plenty enough. And it’s all thanks to the large panoramic windows. Innovative solutions for the chalet is also painting the walls in a light color. This approach only focuses on authentic wooden ceiling beams, stairs and interior columns. Textiles natural shades, fine wood – now sounding relaxed luxury!
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Reconstruction of a country house in Australia – modern vivid interior

Reconstruction of a country house in Australia - 9

This modern country house in located in the suburbs of Melbourne, Australia. It’s interior has been recently renovated by the interior design studio Canny Design, is a prime example of light and comfortable minimalistic interior design. The main feature of this Australian interior after the reconstruction began is sliding glass doors and windows to the full height of the walls.

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