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Industrial Loft interior with a huge terrace in Salt Lake City

Industrial Loft with a huge terrace in Salt Lake City - 17

When this interior design Studio City Home Collective took up the reconstruction of this once industrial, and today a magnificent house in the heart of Salt Lake City, the problem was reduced to a simple – to return to the former industrial character of the loft interior. The brick building was built in 1925 for the automotive company, but not so long ago it was converted for private accommodation. Great work from this interior design studio.
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Scandinavian style romantic white interior apartment in the loft in Sweden

Wonderful apartment in the attic in Stockholm

There is still something romantic in the sloping ceilings, windows in the roof and white interior! And who might be better other than Scandinavians, who are experts in this kind of residential spaces – this apartment on the top floor in Stockholm boasts a beautiful sophisticated design by Swedish designers – a true Scandinavian style. Familiar neutral black-and-white base is diluted unobtrusive light lilac-blue accents pillows, paintings and fresh flowers. Easy and nice modern white loft interior!

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English interior of a loft with interesting decor ideas – Kent, England

Loft with interesting details in England

Today we want to share with you a nice example of how to decorate your house with different home decor items to get a wonderful english style interior. This loft is in Northbourne, Kent, England. The background has typical for the English style black, gray and shades of brown tone, and there is a warm mustard yellow, turquoise active, delicate pink and bright red. A variety of color palette makes this english interior very catchy and special. The perfect role here was played by the bronze, brass and wooden items, which also gave the apartment a certain charm and a loft style - home decor ideas.

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Beautiful Scandinavian loft (114 sq. M)

Beautiful Scandinavian loft (114 sq. M) - 16

Today we have another beautiful bright attic or let’s say loft from Scandinavian designers. The interior seems to be very bright. A white base is diluted with warm interior textiles and natural materials, except those plants outside the house on the roof. All of that makes the interior very comfortable for the modern living in addition to a refined modern design. Perfect interior!
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Inspiring loft interior in New York

Inspiring interior loft in New York - 5

The apartment, which will be discussed, is located in Brooklyn, in a former industrial building and is decorated in an industrial style. The interior looks a bit brutal, though it belongs to a girl – photographer Pia Ulin. Loft is decorated with works of famous photographers and pictures taken while traveling. To some this may seem like an interior cold and not very comfortable, but that is exactly what you need for a creative personality!
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Gorgeous modern apartment in New York City

Gorgeous modern apartment in New York City - 1

Just look at it is incredibly stylish and very bright and modern living space in New York City! High ceilings and unusual layout go only for the benefit of this apartment.

An impressive open plan living room with huge windows of the loft, a spacious bedroom with a glass wall on the second floor, bright children. Oh how jealous we are! ;-)

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Stylish loft apartment in Mexico

Stylish Loft Apartment in Mexico11

This post is about a private apartment in Mexico appeared thanks to the implementation ReUrbano program on reconstruction of houses affected by the earthquake in 1985. Modern apartment located in the historical area known as Colonia Roma in Mexico City, which was damaged the most. High ceilings and stone walls made it possible to build a second floor, entrance to which is carried out by a stylish staircase.

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Industrial chic with feminine charm: 2 stylish loft interiors from Paris.


Industrial chic with feminine charm: 2 stylish loft interiors from Paris.
As you know, there is a lot in common between the industrial style and loft interiors. But the first usually refers to the type of space in which the housing is created, its main structures and elements of decoration. The second one is more likely about furniture and decor – concise, brutal things, evoking associations with furniture factories. » Read more

Light and air – 2 level women style lofty interior of a small flat


The happy owner of this flat is woman, who is an advertising agent. Her apartment is small in size but has a major advantage over most others – this apartment has two levels. On each of the floors (33 and 30 m), she wanted to create an interior full of comfort. However, new apartment seemed too be to isolated for a new owner, because originally it was divided into several rooms. Designer Belen Ferrandiz helped her to create the illusion of a single flat space and make it modern and stylish. » Read more