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Luxury historic 19th century mansion classic interior in London

Rose Uniacke's home in London

From the grandeur of this luxury mansion classic interior in London takes your breath away! built house of the 19th century was once the residence of the famous artist, here housed his studio and gallery. Interestingly, even the structure was partially damaged during a bombing in World War II. Before designer Rose Uniacke task was to preserve the existing structure of the building and restore the original elements of interior design – in short, to restore its former glory. For these purposes, the work had attracted the best artists who used traditional techniques of restoration. Indeed, the design team was able to return to this magnificent house of his soul!
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Modern interior of the remodeled house in London in English style


Today we want to draw your attention to a lovely remodeled interior of a Victorian house in London in English style. This modern interior design of the townhouse intertwined several styles that are usually not so easy to properly combine together. Modern furniture with unusual shapes, bright paintings, bold prints make up part of a modern interior. At the same time ceiling moldings, parquet and marble fireplace – a tribute to the magnificent English style traditions. The skillful work of the designer gave us an unusually beautiful interior!
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The stylish interior in London

The stylish interior in London - 10

This townhouse in Notting Hill in London is a perfect balance of color and composition, as well as harmony in contrasts. This is a joint work of the designer Suzy Hoodless and architects from Hackett Holland. Light neutral palette creates an excellent basis for bursts of bright saturated colors and geometric prints. Interestingly, the majority of subjects of an interior designer, have been developed specifically for this house. The interior was very extraordinary and stylish!
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Beautiful townhouse interior design in London creative interior design

Beautiful design in London - 9

This  townhouse interior is a wonderful creative interior of a house in London created by a talented interior design studio. Details here touch your life and your soul. How do you like this light-stand-statue, a tribute to the Venetian tradition of sculpture? Or bright yellow ceiling lamp in the expressionism style? Vintage furniture, vintage mirrors, vintage wardrobes which harmoniously coexist with outright kitsch (a huge painting of a girl on a background of chalk entries). Cell as in the fairy tale “The Nightingale and the Rose” and here in the bedroom wall graffiti! Combinations of surprise, amaze and fascinate. Against the background of the walls and ceilings of milk every object is seen even more clearly. Playing with different time and cultural- basic principle of design. Interior for intelligent persons, free from stereotypes.

Creative interior by London interior design studio, Vintage Furniture in a nice modern townhouse.
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Luxury apartment in London – it’s just awesome!!!

Luxury apartments in London - 14

This elegant facade is the facade of the luxury apartments complex in one of the exclusively rich and expensive districts of London, ะตั€ั€ัƒ Mayfair district. It hides interiors with elements of classic and with a spirit of the last century. It’s also a really modern apartment complex with spacious interiors and a lot of objects of contemporary art. The apartments are really gorgeous, you just have a look!
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Excellent kitchen in dark tones – perfect stylish classics

Excellent cuisine in dark tones

Surprisingly, the dark facades and deep color of the walls in this wonderful kitchen in one of their London’s townhouse is not annoying and not “pushy”. On the contrary, there reigns calm and poise. There’s a great arched window framed with white in the center of this kitchen looking outside on a garden – nice view, green garden colors add live to this interior. » Read more