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Black and white strict Swedish minimalistic interior for a true man


Black-and-white palette, the severity of lines and minimalistic interior design – this is everything what a lonely young man can dream of, when it comes to the urban life! This interior in Stockholm has it’s Swedish interior breath, and besides of that it completely fits the definition of “male” in the modern sense. Especially eye catching is the black and white open kitchen – the contrast of the upper and lower fronts diluted gray apron and stylish wooden kitchenware. It’s a very decent interior overall. It’s definitely a true Swedish interior with it’s common minimalistic style and calm grey, black and white color tones. Everything is well thought-out and good organized, no extra or unneeded home decor or details, everything is functional.
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Small but stylish black and white interior apartment with red accents

Apartment with red accents in Kiev (56 sq. M) - 17

Due to red accents, this minimalistic interior black and white apartment of a girls really has it’s own character and individuality. Red color is very brave and not very popular among interior designers, but in the interior it looks very modern, it does not strain the eyes, in this black and white interior this red color is used very wisely. Overall, this minimalistic interior of a small apartment leave a pleasant and holistic impression, especially taking into the account it’s small 590 square feet. This apartment has a very rational and well thought-out minimalistic interior design with a lot of interesting small space solutions.
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Not a traditional modern swedish interior of two bedroom apartment in Sweden

Elegant two-bedroom apartment in Sweden (77 sq. M) - 20

This apartment in the capital of Sweden is an excellent example of elegant modern urban housing. Strict minimalistic interior line diluted by beautiful fabrics and modern artwork on the wall. The special atmosphere of the modern interior gives a cozy accent lighting represented by a variety of stylish lamps throughout the house.
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Reconstruction of a country house in Australia – modern vivid interior

Reconstruction of a country house in Australia - 9

This modern country house in located in the suburbs of Melbourne, Australia. It’s interior has been recently renovated by the interior design studio Canny Design, is a prime example of light and comfortable minimalistic interior design. The main feature of this Australian interior after the reconstruction began is sliding glass doors and windows to the full height of the walls.

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Swedish apartment modern interior with gentle touch of juicy colors.

Contrast Swedish apartment with colorful sofas (73 sq. M) - 18

This modern interior of a stylish Swedish apartment is built on contrasts: dark, atmospheric living room and bedroom with a deep color on the walls contrasted with the snow-white kitchen, flooded with daylight. Minimum of furniture and maximum space – minimalistic interior – this originally is a Scandinavian principle, and it’s clearly implemented in this modern interior.
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Light and bright – two bedroom apartment in Stockholm (just 678 square feet!)

Light "treshka" in Stockholm (63 sq. M) - 14

This small two-bedroom apartment in Stockholm boasts a very convenient layout and airy design in bright colors. Open plan living room, a compact kitchen and two bedrooms (one of them for children) – all of this fits on a modest just 678 square feet. Safe white with light pastel strokes prevail in this european modern minimalistic design!
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Beautiful Scandinavian loft (114 sq. M)

Beautiful Scandinavian loft (114 sq. M) - 16

Today we have another beautiful bright attic or let’s say loft from Scandinavian designers. The interior seems to be very bright. A white base is diluted with warm interior textiles and natural materials, except those plants outside the house on the roof. All of that makes the interior very comfortable for the modern living in addition to a refined modern design. Perfect interior!
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Grey interior with orange accents in Sweden

Grey interior with orange accents in Sweden - 14

In this case, the gray color does not mean boring and monotony. In a counterpart, this apartment in Stockholm with gray interior shows that grey interiors can be very stylish and comfortable. All shades of gray from gentle mist to wet asphalt color with white “base” were skillfully added to this gorgeous apartment. Orange color and light wood create different bright noticeable accents. Interior of a living room was perfectly combined with adding black and white carpet, and decoration of the bedroom was really unusual with the chandelier and fancy pictures.
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