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Modern interior of the remodeled house in London in English style


Today we want to draw your attention to a lovely remodeled interior of a Victorian house in London in English style. This modern interior design of the townhouse intertwined several styles that are usually not so easy to properly combine together. Modern furniture with unusual shapes, bright paintings, bold prints make up part of a modern interior. At the same time ceiling moldings, parquet and marble fireplace – a tribute to the magnificent English style traditions. The skillful work of the designer gave us an unusually beautiful interior!
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The stylish modern white interior from Canada


When the couple started the construction of their first house (now it is a family with three children), it was immediately clear that they want a bright white modern interior with a little bit of neutral colors, something simple, informal and easy. The mother, a designer in the restaurant business, felt a great responsibility in the design of this house. And it turned out excellent! The living room still has a little color accents that make the interior more gentle.
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The sophisticated design from JWS Interior design studio


This interiors is created by the remarkable American JWS Interior Design Studio, so much tenderness, delicacy and femininity! Pink, purple and other subtle shades in textiles and decor found in almost every project of this interior design studio, thus JWS created a very pleasant and light mood in this particular residential interior design. The Founder of this interior design studio, Jennifer Wagner Schmidt, she claims that the inspiration for her works is the world of fashion, abstract art, Hollywood glamor, luxury travel, and other celebrity filled areas of our life. This interior design represents a really beautiful fresh perspective on the mix of American style, modern interior design and classic interior decor.
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French style elegant and modern interior design apartment in Paris

Elegant, modern apartment for family in Paris - 20

This modern Paris apartment has everything: great style, the latest modern interior design techniques and hints of historical classics, black and white contrasts and retro details. Even brick wall here looks like something fresh and not at all trivial. In short, the apartment is just a feast for the eyes! True French style interior with a touch of classics becomes like an eclectic masterpiece. Elegant and modern interior design in Paris always attracts magazines and photographers. We can get a lot of inspiration from this French interior design apartment – very modern and unique.
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Stylish modern interior design with an unusual layout in Stockholm

Stylish apartment with an unusual layout in Stockholm (54 sq. M) - 17

A small and not the most comfortable layout does not become an obstacle to establish in this lovely one-bedroom apartment in Stockholm a very stylish and elegant modern environment. The interior looks expensive and elegant, despite the fact that the furniture is mainly from the famous Swedish brand IKEA: high windows, moldings and gold details make the mood in the housing. Beautiful modern interior design for the modern girl!
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Bright Portfolio of a creative interior design photographer Patrick Johansson

Bright photographer Patrick Johansson portfolio - 32

Photographer Parick Johansson believes daylight is the best condition for filming, so practically he does not use flash, he adores the small island of Fårö Sweden in the Baltic Sea and in his spare time playing football with his son. Although he calls himself a simple village boy, his talent as a photographer of the interior is not in doubt, just look at his portfolio! Creative design, Creative interiors and a very modern interior design! This is an amazing portfolio.
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Not a traditional modern swedish interior of two bedroom apartment in Sweden

Elegant two-bedroom apartment in Sweden (77 sq. M) - 20

This apartment in the capital of Sweden is an excellent example of elegant modern urban housing. Strict minimalistic interior line diluted by beautiful fabrics and modern artwork on the wall. The special atmosphere of the modern interior gives a cozy accent lighting represented by a variety of stylish lamps throughout the house.
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Vintage furnture home decor and modern interior design collection 2016 by Artwood

Collection 2016 by Artwood - 19

This is a new collection of vintage furniture and home decor by Swedish studio Artwood, where they tried to add more Scandinavian style, especially white – beautiful furniture in white presented in a luxurious wooden house with white walls. For the rest, everything is here, for we love this wonderful brand: only natural materials in the decoration, rough wood and leather, beautiful outdoor furniture, candles and stylish accessories. Enjoy watching! Beautiful home decor in a nice modern interior design.
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Old-fashioned tradition and vibrant modern interior style in USA interior

House in Utah: the connection of tradition and vibrant modernity - 17

This snow-white house in Utah looks both old-fashioned and like a modern interior. Small house with large windows and the main entrance stretched along the street and has just two floors. What makes this interior old-fashioned is the finished stone walls and beamed ceiling is dark, but it does not look dull and old, in front of such great shape in harmony with modern interior design. The color scheme of this usa interior is traditional, pastel, with color accents in the form of a bright blue and colorful chairs, colorful paintings and accessories. Cool mix of traditions, colors and modern design items!
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Reconstruction of a country house in Australia – modern vivid interior

Reconstruction of a country house in Australia - 9

This modern country house in located in the suburbs of Melbourne, Australia. It’s interior has been recently renovated by the interior design studio Canny Design, is a prime example of light and comfortable minimalistic interior design. The main feature of this Australian interior after the reconstruction began is sliding glass doors and windows to the full height of the walls.

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Paris elegance with a modern interior design edge – True French Style!

Parisian elegance with a modern edge - 14

Here’s a juicy design that causes a lot of emotion, was developed by the interior design studio from Paris. French style chic, elegance and charm – these three words form the basis of a new concept of design solutions in modern interior design. However, there is a note of the call. Bright, deep, very original colors used in the interior, this small revolution, a dispute with the generally accepted notion of French culture.  » Read more

Gentle swedish interior of the modern apartment in Stockholm

Gentle interior of the apartment in Stockholm

This charming Swedish interior of a modern apartment in Stockholm is a classic example of modern Scandinavian style living space. Situated in one of the most popular streets in Stockholm this building is among those beautiful building of the 1800s, in which one of the apartments has been lovingly restored with a modern interior design twist, while preserving age-old traditions.
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