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Paris hotel with a Scandinavian twist


Despite the fact that the furniture and decor for the hotel COQ Hotel was made by French manufacturers, interior circumferential thought of Scandinavian design. Minimalist, often austere room obviously not overwhelmed furnishings, what to say, if the beds in the majority even without the head, but instead only the hanger cabinets.
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Hotel Henriette – a Stylish small hotel in Paris – french style interior

Stylish small hotel in Paris Hotel Henriette - 33

Henriette Hotel a small french style interior hotel offers a complete set of all the charms of residence in the atmospheric small hotel in the most romantic city in the world Paris. It is situated in a quiet historic area of Paris. This beautiful hotel has an astonishing privacy (only 30 rooms) and lovely interior garden, and the most important, interesting and stylish modern design.
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Paris elegance with a modern interior design edge – True French Style!

Parisian elegance with a modern edge - 14

Here’s a juicy design that causes a lot of emotion, was developed by the interior design studio from Paris. French style chic, elegance and charm – these three words form the basis of a new concept of design solutions in modern interior design. However, there is a note of the call. Bright, deep, very original colors used in the interior, this small revolution, a dispute with the generally accepted notion of French culture.  » Read more

The refined design from Wesley Moon interior design studio – european touch

The refined design of the Wesley Moon

For Wesley Moon interior design studio the perfect design is when a designer work is almost not visible at first sight, but the interior is at once attracts and pleases the eye. Individuality and skillfully selected items – that according to the designer makes admire the interior of his mansions and specialists. Wesley Moon interior design studio is fully involved in the process: they can directly monitor the repair works at the site, and after a couple of days choose a unique antique decorations for the project at a flea market in Paris – all to ensure that the customers get the best results.
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Renovated Hotel du Ministere in Paris

Renovated Hotel du Ministry in Paris

Hotel du Ministere – fairly well-known hotel in Paris with its own interesting story. It was built in the 30s of the last century. But a few years ago, hotelier bought the adjacent building and started a big reconstruction with the assistance of a talented French architect Francois Champseur. The renovated and enlarged building is now filled with light and bright design with retro elements. Have a Look and enjoy this beautiful modern design!
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