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Wooden interior of a delightful romantic chalet in the Alps

A delightful chalet in the Alps - 8

Just look at this wonderful wooden interior of astonishing chalet in Angora, in the French Megève! It is really majestic and at the same time warm and cozy like home, that is the main part of the inspired by the mountain’s nature wooden house! This chalet also has a very romantic interior charm, so you can come not only in winter, when everybody tends to go to mountains to sky or do other winter activities, but it is really nice to experience a wonderful breath of mountains during other seasons and get this relaxing romance of french Alps, covered with greenery and fresh air.
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Scandinavian style romantic white interior apartment in the loft in Sweden

Wonderful apartment in the attic in Stockholm

There is still something romantic in the sloping ceilings, windows in the roof and white interior! And who might be better other than Scandinavians, who are experts in this kind of residential spaces – this apartment on the top floor in Stockholm boasts a beautiful sophisticated design by Swedish designers – a true Scandinavian style. Familiar neutral black-and-white base is diluted unobtrusive light lilac-blue accents pillows, paintings and fresh flowers. Easy and nice modern white loft interior!

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