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Charming white interior of apartment in Stockholm


Tell me how they do it? How can Scandinavians so easily create such an incredibly harmonious white interiors, filled with life and light, if this is not cool and not boring! Scandinavian designers are truly masters of their craft. Just look at the colors of the game – taken as a basis white, but with the addition of barely noticeable tones and pastel shades, interior like blossoms. Nothing extra in this interior – everything is perfect in white…

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Still a little bit of inspiration from Scandinavian style Sandberg art


The inspiration for his drawings on the wallpaper designers Sandberg receive contemplating the magnificent nature and landscapes native Sweden. Each sketch is drawn by hand by masters, every print is its own little story – that’s why branded wallpaper Sandberg as a small masterpiece of Scandinavian art. Today we have another piece of beautiful pictures of the latest company catalogs. Enjoy watching!
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Gray apartment in Scandinavian style with photo frames home decor

The apartment is in gray with a glass partition (52 sq. M) - 13

Another example of the Scandinavian style interior, based on the cold white and gray tones with nice photo frame home decor. This Scandinavian apartment has a separate bedroom, glass partition of the space, which recently became very popular and trendy. And in general, everything is very calm and north styled: only furniture, white kitchen, photo frames and posters as part of the wall.
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Vintage furnture home decor and modern interior design collection 2016 by Artwood

Collection 2016 by Artwood - 19

This is a new collection of vintage furniture and home decor by Swedish studio Artwood, where they tried to add more Scandinavian style, especially white – beautiful furniture in white presented in a luxurious wooden house with white walls. For the rest, everything is here, for we love this wonderful brand: only natural materials in the decoration, rough wood and leather, beautiful outdoor furniture, candles and stylish accessories. Enjoy watching! Beautiful home decor in a nice modern interior design.
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Gentle swedish interior of the modern apartment in Stockholm

Gentle interior of the apartment in Stockholm

This charming Swedish interior of a modern apartment in Stockholm is a classic example of modern Scandinavian style living space. Situated in one of the most popular streets in Stockholm this building is among those beautiful building of the 1800s, in which one of the apartments has been lovingly restored with a modern interior design twist, while preserving age-old traditions.
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Small space solutions in small apartment in Sweden only 319 sq.ft

Small Studio in Sweden (29 sq.m) - 7

The interior of the small apartment studio in Gothenburg Sweden is very concise and practical. The area of the apartment of 319 sq.ft., and an important role in the design plays a variety of colors. You will be able to find some small space solutions here. Regular Scandinavian style option – it is white, but for the owner of the apartment it seemed too boring. As a result, for the main colors were chosen deep shades of gray, steel accents and black and white details. Despite of a really spall space in this apartment, here you’ll find everything – a compact kitchen, sofa, a bed on the second floor above the closet, and even a full walk-in closet!
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Scandinavian style romantic white interior apartment in the loft in Sweden

Wonderful apartment in the attic in Stockholm

There is still something romantic in the sloping ceilings, windows in the roof and white interior! And who might be better other than Scandinavians, who are experts in this kind of residential spaces – this apartment on the top floor in Stockholm boasts a beautiful sophisticated design by Swedish designers – a true Scandinavian style. Familiar neutral black-and-white base is diluted unobtrusive light lilac-blue accents pillows, paintings and fresh flowers. Easy and nice modern white loft interior!

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Bright apartment in the leafy suburb of Stockholm – Swedish style white interior!

Bright apartment in the leafy suburb of StockholmBright apartment in the leafy suburb of Stockholm

Today we have a beautiful apartment from a Swedish country living. It has all the same features of traditional Scandinavian interior, but outside there are not office buildings and crowded cafes but a quiet picturesque forest. Excellent inexpensive option for those who wants to escape from the bisy city life!
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The works of Swedish photographer Anders Bergstedt – scandinavian style!

The works of Swedish photographer Anders Bergstedt - 14

Photographer Anders Bergstedt repeatedly falls into the picture when when talking about the Scandinavian interior design. The fact is that Anders Bergstedt is hired by all sorts of Swedish real estate agencies and design magazines. Clients appreciate his works for the creative approach and attention to detail. His portfolio is a great collection of Scandinavian style interior designs in all its beauty!
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